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Lucyloupoliblog is a selection of thoughts, what-if scenarios and possible conclusions.  It stands firmly on the side of right, whatever, however or wherever that is. Oh and we do not apologise for the quality of the English.  A beautiful language is being slowly desecrated by incomers, in too much of a hurry to learn it properly.  If it is too difficult for you, buy a dictionary.

LucyLou is a celebration of the lives of Lucy Woodward (nee Sheridan) and Louise Stokes (nee Worrall), my Grandmothers, whom I loved very much.  As we lived far away I saw them once a year, so their love was concentrated on my brother and me.  Were they political?  I don’t know.  My Grandma Woodward said once that I could use her name to write books, but that there was nothing wrong with my own name.  (If we meet on the family tree, do say so.)


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