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Consequences of Paying Too Little Wages

Hello, apologies that I have not been around for a while. I guess that I fell off my perch. Political and social comment continues apace.

On 27th November 2015, there was a huge UK internet Sale called Black Friday. It actually lasted the whole of that week and the following week. There were great deals and many people, including me, bought cumbersome electrical items, all delivered to any address.

Congratulations to Royal Mail who has adapted to carrying parcels ordered over the Internet. Stores have also benefitted from online shopping, as prices seem to be the same online and in store.

We are now at the end of March and the January Sales have become the Spring Sales. Yesterday, now end of March, British Summer Time started.
The Sales will stop when stores can no longer sell at reduced prices, as manufacturers are sent to the wall by hungry suppliers. They do not care as they can merely import more goods. Which will go out of business first?

I think it will be the suppliers, whose wage bills will go up 50p per hour per employee from April 2016 for those aged 25 and over. To be fair to the government, there has been a year for the suppliers to lobby against this rise, but they know that they have been paying too little for years. They have been relying on UK welfare benefits to top up the salaries of those with families, aged 25 and over, so that they can maintain a living wage. I have seen people working seven-day weeks and they are exhausted. Those employees can no longer go the extra mile required by his or her employers. Exhaustion is taking its toll across all industries. Hopefully this introduction will stop it.


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