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Oil Price & Consequences


There is too much oil in the world and the price plummets.

Someone identifies an oil well in Syria which is apparently being used as an income stream for ISIS. The Americans want to shut it down but they cannot possibly do it themselves because Russia, also with interests in the region, would see it as a declaration of World War Three. They need a fall-guy. Enter the British and their reliance on a daft special relationship. Their value to the Americans is being strategically placed between America and Russia.

Parliament discussed occasional airborne forays into Syria for a whole day. The Air Forces Minister told the media that they were not discussing airstrikes; they were merely discussing the possibility of making occasional forays into Syrian airspace. She let slip that the British were also making occasional airborne forays into other countries, Iraq, for example. I must have missed that in the media, because Britain is meant to be out of that war. We cannot keep going into countries and bombing them.

Then she went back into a parliamentary late-night sitting and the next thing we know is that RAF fighters and Typhoons take off in the early hours of the following morning. The British public later finds out that an oilwell in Syria has been bombed, ending an apparent income stream for ISIS. Let us hope that the Americans did not us looking for something that was not there or not happening.

What happened to NATO and the UN? Don’t they have a say in what happens? Surely better that than individual countries making their own decisions to bomb certain parts of these countries? Secondly, bombs are hugely expensive, both in themselves and in the consequence of the population leaving and wanting to come to Europe’s peaceful countries. One has to wonder, whatever next?


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Divert the £20 million to Hospitals

Incomers should learn our culture and customs as well as our language. Some other cultures try our patience.

“hash bit, hasbit”, the woman shouted at the bus driver. She sat back down.

“Hospital?” I ventured. She stared. “Sorry, but that’s in the other direction.”

“Hasbit, husband.”

Oh, your husband, as yet invisible, is coming to meet you. She drew a large-faced watch out of her pocket and frowned. The bus was running a minute late. Had someone timed her bus route in advance and all she had to do, was to get off at a certain time?

She jumped up again and pressed the ‘stop’ button. The bus duly drew to a halt at the next stop.

“Hasbit, hashbit.” She shouted loudly at the driver.

“I can’t understand what you are saying.” Said the bus driver, reasonably.

He waited for her to resume her seat. No such luck. By this time she was distraught and the passengers sympathised with her in a strange place and unable to communicate. Then she waved a dismissive gesture in our direction. The English think this is very rude. You simply do not do it, especially when someone is trying to help you.

I found a pen and notepad, but she just made the dismissive gesture again, which I was starting to find annoying. She stared at the pen and another woman passenger said that she would probably be unable to write it down anyway.

After some legitimate passengers stopped the bus, she continued to sit down and start up every time she saw something she thought she recognised.

Eventually we arrived at a bridge. She stamped wildly, gesticulating between the bus driver and the door.

“I am not allowed to stop here, Madam.”

She started yelling and thumping the door:

“No, no, no, no.”

He let her off. The rest of us sighed in relief. I thought that the bus driver had done a good job, yet he laughed it off. The woman looked Nepalese, religion unknown, with white lace held scarf-fashion with a curtain ring. Maybe she was not Nepalese and I do them a disservice. She was the first to display anger. Usually they are unfailingly courteous, at least in English. And there is the rub.

When they chatter in their own language, a colleague pointed out to me that they could be insulting us. That had not occurred to me, but she says groups of incomers often pass her and snigger in some unfamiliar language. She works in a hospital.

So I ask David Cameron to help these workers learn English. Hospital cleaners are largely foreigners. One, a Portuguese lady, wanted me to teach her English, but she could never find time outside my working hours and hers. If this money were allocated to hospitals, they could use a meeting room at a weekend and bring the workers in by free bus. The incentive is to learn English. Perhaps when certain levels are reached, there will be a nationally-recognised certificate. If the teaching of English as a foreign language, with words for specific disciplines, hospital wards will be a safer place for staff and patients alike.

Please would incomers remember that no-one likes people talking over them. Hospital workers often chatter away and leave the patient upset and out of the conversation. Here in the UK, we do not talk at patients, we talk to them.

Muslim women are not the only ones who need to learn English. Diversion of some of the money to hospitals will benefit patients and staff. It could become the difference between a good and an outstanding hospital.


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Western Retailers Versus China


When will the West realise that it has to help stop China going into recession? For the first time in a thousand years, China has attempted to mould its economy into a workhorse for other countries in order to make a contribution to world power. Their almost limitless supply of cheap manpower made them very popular with Western retailers.

Twenty years ago, Western retailers whooped for joy as they had found a place where their products could be manufactured and transported cheaply. Their profits surged accordingly. However there were problems in the consistency and quality of the product, due to communication issues on all sides.

If you come from a society where you mend things if they break down, then the British and Chinese have much in common. However, Britain has British Standards and all products must conform to them. In the latest case, of the Hover toy made in China, when they came to fit the standard moulded plug, the fuse was too big to fit, so the Chinese inserted it another way. There were presumably no checks made beyond that it worked. Only when the device was put on charge, did the failure of the fuse become apparent and the device burned out. Consignments were refused entry to Britain by Trading Standards.

The product was made in good faith, so the problem must lie in Quality Control. To help China, the West must offer help in this area. If it is permitted, they could offer help in building a new industry where every product passes the safety requirements of the receiving country. Apple has a manufacturing and Quality Control facility in China. Other western retailers must do the same. They cannot demand a perfect product without putting in their own checks.

Time was when the British had an Empire and sent its Civil Servants to help train up the indigenous Engineers etc., and then moved on after three years. Maybe this is an alternative course. Unfortunately David Cameron has sacked a hundred thousand Civil Servants and Britain may be taking its own shortcuts, which show up in the Foreign Office diplomats being made redundant following a trade visit to China. They have to be there in the long-term for this to work.

The one thing stockbrokers cannot do, is to wring their hands and wail that there is a Chinese slowdown, without helping to end it. They must do this without causing the Chinese to lose face. No man likes that. Maybe you could also involve women, who have brought up a successful generation of Chinese people and now look for another challenge. Just a thought.


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Germany’s New Year Was An Assault on Freedom

Hello there

Germany may think it is being kicked in the teeth for its kindness, but wherever European and Middle Eastern cultures clash, it is women who are abused. Young British men who get drunk, generally abuse property as they are largely brought up to respect women.

Germany has imported a host of young men, away from loving families for the first time, with no social position or status. So they revert to the behaviour they know best: abuse of women. Without a second thought, they beat and sexually molest any woman on the street. In their countries around the Mediteranean, respectable women over the age of twelve are not allowed out alone on the street.

When will these migrants realise that Germany or indeed Europe is not the promised land where they can have everything for no payment? The reason that Germany is successful is their ability to allow everyone opportunity. I know that I am talking Utopia, but the freedom Western women have, to walk freely outside, at will, is hard-won.

Luckily for the rest of Europe, strong German women are rightly outraged and have taken a stand. What Germany failed to realise in their grand gesture of taking in almost a million people, is that they were introducing a disease, a conflict with their own culture. Women in the West have a worth beyond the home and wife-beating is punishable by law.

Another stroke of luck is that Germany is headed by a woman, Mrs. Angela Merkel. Her call for fast repatriation is a strong move. It is the worst punishment to befall any migrant. Imprisonment may be a joy: roof over the head, three meals a day, but it is still failure for the young man expected to support a family back home.

The Germans appear strong enough to mete out fast deportation. I dread to think what would be the result if it happened in Britain. The government would probably find some excuse for their conduct and the British will be obliged to absorb their anger and their problems.

Germany and Britain have made the mistake of thinking these people will obey our laws and respect our culture. There has been peace in Europe these fifty years, because we respect each other and that includes women.

Violence does not work. Women have to take a stand in every peaceful way that we can. If you feel goodness within your heart, wrap it around your love of your own family. Do one kindness for a stranger every day and we will all be happier.


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Thank You, Denmark

Today, it is Denmark, hung out to dry by the do-gooders, as their rules regarding claim of welfare benefits say that any assets over £1,000 should be sold and given to the government.

Demark has looked ahead and seen the inevitable civil tensions if incoming refugees were treated better than their own jobless people. Great, at last. Someone has seen a consequence. Even better, they have put Danes first.

Denmark also recognises that its healthcare system cannot sustain 21,000 extra people in the last year without some financial input from them. Conveniently this escapes the do-gooders. Most people understand the sentiment, but for Denmark their Country’s finances come first. Good for them and thanks. It sets a precedent.



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Respect: A New Year’s Resolution

Respect yourself and you will stand up straighter.

Respect your friends and you will know peace.

Respect your enemies and in a corner of their hearts will blossom respect for you.

Respect spreads or pools, depending on which path they take, which action they make.

Those who seek to dominate by weight of numbers, let them know that in this way they disrespect themselves and their children.

Children manufactured to a pattern grow up confused, as the world changes from moment to instant.

Let that child run free to learn respect. Let the parent or relative be teacher.

Human creation is a miracle present at every birth.

Evolution of animals has curiosity and respect.

Evolution of humans gathers denial and disrespect.

Without respect, humans have sameness: a recipe for self-destruction.

Consider evolution of fish into bipods on land.

Evolution from slurry to chemical waste disrespects rivers and turns fish, female or hybrid.

A rueful shrug never evolves. Man has no fear of increase in human females. Their outcry is, by tradition, stifled at birth.

What if human evolution turns us back into fish?

Create respect and stand up straighter.

Stand straighter and evolve.

Happy New Year

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