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Trident Revival Like Walking Through Jam


Well, he’s done it.  Jeremy Corbyn has had himself portrayed on primetime news with his back to the camera, which shows he is more interested in the constituent than he is in the news station.  Hmmm, it sounds good but his comment:

“I make jam,”

would have floored me.  Thinking about it afterwards, making jam is considered warm and cuddly, homemaking.  That is for people who don’t make jam.  It is fun collecting plums from my mother’s garden, but I remember an upturned chair with muslin cloth strung between the legs and waiting for the jam to drip through. That was far too slow to my mind as a child.

What is jam to do with Trident? A sticky mess if ever there was one, it has been mothballed twice. It was reprieved the first time and hastily mothballed again by an incoming government of a different hue.  Thirty years ago Trident was considered almost out-of-date, but hugely expensive.  Can it now be considered as being like watching television without colour as it was well into the 20th century? And why has Mr Corbyn said he will revive it?  I suggest a competition as we all know the British are the world’s best inventors.  Design a modern weapon by using components from Trident. Er, ‘make do and mend’ and that other great saying ‘all’s well that ends well’.

Jam and Trident? If you don’t have the exact amount of jam in your jar for the UK Women’s Institute, it will be rejected and you will have twenty jars of unsaleable jam.  Precision is required.  If we get our weapons wrong, Parliament will stall, because they don’t listen to experts. How about melting it down and starting again?

There was a PB (parliamentary broadcast on TV) yesterday from the Green Party who have an inkling of just how much power they can wield, if they are careful.  Trident is not in their field* at all.

Wish us luck.


*sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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The Call Of Politics – Again


How is that we were kicked into a political mill less than two years ago and forced to choose between the good the bad and the ugly? I, for one, am so sick of hearing politicians puff off their views. Can it be that they cannot bear being out of the public’s sight for a minute? I feel as though we were settling down to working our way through Brexit and having our roads mended again.

Is Theresa May saying that there must needs be a political leader in the mould of President Obama, the former US President? On his gaining power, he called on ex-US Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter to help him gather support and experience in debates, so that America could grow under his leadership. We have many experienced and valuable MP’s from across the political spectrum. Could they be prevailed upon to come together for the good of the country? It is truly a strong leader who allows people of different political hues to speak in debate.

I was looking forward to a halcyon summer, free of the red-faced pestilence of politics dragging down our national morale again. Do I care who is standing? Well, yes, my own MP is a dope; he speaks with false modesty which makes me cringe at best. I must find another or shall I not bother to vote? If this election has truly been called because there are more Conservative MP’s accused of cheating us, by falsely claiming expenses, than there are in the Conservative majority (12), then we are in a calamity indeed.

The Scottish people would do well to keep quiet. They are just moving into an expensive new headquarters in London of all places and  doubtless paid for by British voters. Speak to Nicola Sturgeon and she can barely keep contempt of us out of her voice. And it makes me wonder why we have to change to British Summer Time and back when the only people to benefit are the Scots. Do they think we are stupid? Please do not let Theresa May make earlier colleagues’ mistake of thinking the electorate beneath their contempt or in some cases, beyond their comprehension.

We simply cannot afford to keep having elections just because those in power do not like the outcome of the last one. That is the attitude of dictatorship. Mrs Sturgeon, take note.

Those from elsewhere would do well to remember that you came here because you liked our way of life. Those from here should avoid false modesty at all costs. To Mr Corbyn: have you been to your allotment this year? Are they intended for people in your position? Please, no photographs of him next to a giant vegetable that he has apparently grown. The train fiasco was bad enough.

To everyone else, wish us luck. The whirlpool of politics has started again. In a sea of political conjecture, let us hope that there is no methane gas coming from below the waves, to sink our boats.


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Footballers Will Unite Against Terrorism

Hello, I’m back after a prolonged absence, but I owe it to my grandmothers who inspired the name for this site: Lucy Woodward and Louise (known as Lou to Grandad) Stokes.

You see, some crazy person attacked a football bus, Dortmund.  Have they never heard of football fans?  About 75% of adult men in the UK have some connection with football. To the terrorists, don’t even think about it.  They would find you and after that, who knows?

The other moot point is that they young men on the bus were made to play the next day, which seems so uncaring as to be incredible.  The coach of the other team had been Dortmund’s coach.  He said (in the Times, football section 14 April 2017) that he had seen delayed shock in the eyes of the young men he had coached.  Somebody got it wrong.  There is not bowing to terrorism and mental upset caused by such an incident. I hope that Dortmund’s coaches can make them strong again and get them some security. You would have fans competing for the honour.

See you next week, all being well as Grandma Lucy used to say to me.



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