So three problems for Boris Johnson to take to Brussels tomorrow. Firstly, well done to Boris for keeping his nerve against all-comers.

1) Governance – we have a government, thanks and the British public will not take kindly to another country sticking its oar in. This is because we are both mavericks and leaders. And governance from Brussels, or is it Strasbourg this week, a reason why we left.

2) Fisheries – give over. The British and the French, plus any Joe Bloggs who wants to. have a look-in, have been squabbling over fishing rights for hundreds of years.
A distant thought says that the 0-6 miles and the 6-12 miles’ areas were in danger of being over-fished. All parties want to conserve fish stocks, but are guilty of fishing in each other’s waters. Of course the 0-6 miles of sea around our coastline are our territorial waters and are therefore set in stone. There was a sob story on the News about poor, little French fishing boats fishing for small businesses. The reverse is also true, although they cannot be little boats as they have to navigate the English Channel. What about quotas for the 6-12 miles of sea? Please no more regulation, yet an acknowledgement that all countries who send their fishing boats to this area, will have to share the charge of British and French warships to patrol it.

3) A level playing field – let’s clarify. We have left the Union We should have the same rights of access and tariff-free as Canada or any other country that trades with the EU, but lives outside it. Make no demands. It puts people’s backs up. Show your lasting gratitude. The French like a good scrap.

If all else fails, smile until your face hurts and keep smiling. It drives everyone crazy!

Best wishes

Keep well, stay well


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