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Only Idiots Repeat Mistakes

When something is done, but does not work and has terrible consequences, only stupid idiots do the same thing again.

Enter the British in pursuit of a forlorn foreign policy.  There is, however, a glimmer of hope from Jeremy Corbyn, who stands up for his principles.  Evidently, he is a newcomer to political compromise and this quality is presumably why his fellow MP’s voted him as Leader. We must hope that Labour MP’s are not fools.

Whoever wins the war in Syria will have no population to serve them.  The country is mostly obliterated.  Drones work, but the wily will mingle with crowds and escape.  Many ‘freedom fighters’ fled Palestine.  What will this new crop do?  Oh yes, go to Britain where you are given a roof over your life and money for food.  Hello?  The British system is creaking under the weight and the British people begin to feel foreign in their own country.  Europe begins to be overrun by desperate people.

Obliteration is plainly not the answer, especially when Russia sees as friends, those we call rebels.    Could we review it?


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The Irony of Saint-Denis

Suicide-bombers are taught in Madrassas everywhere that it is an honour to be chosen  and  rather than be tortured into giving away information about the Cause, it is imperative to blow oneself up.

When police approached an apartment on Wednesday, in Saint-Denis,  long known as the Parisian Arab Quarter, she followed the lore, maybe because she was a woman and believed herself doubly honoured to be  taking the other people there with her.

Now this does not generally happen to leaders.  They do not suicide because they are needed, to, er, lead.  The reason there was a delay in finding this out is because unidentified bodies had to be extracted from rubble.  It is ironic that the planner of the Parisian atrocity should be blown up by his own believer.  Score: one big revenge to France.

Doubtless, with all these drones about, leaders suddenly find themselves unpopular.  Bodyguards, often mercenaries do not themselves believe in martyrdom from this world, as no-one knows whether there is another and if there is one, punishment for killing your fellow men, would lead to a punishment not so much heinous, which has been overdone, as predictable.  The path to hell is well-worn.

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Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite

All decent people are appalled by the atrocities in Paris. Our sentiments rest with bereaved families and loved ones.

It is a violation of freedom, the freedom we strive for and the reason migrants come to Europe.

After Remembrance Day we no longer fight the Nazi State, but the Islamist one.  But not all Muslims.  Their leaders need to come out very strongly against these attacks to reassure everyone else.

The French are nationalists first and the free world stands shoulder to shoulder with them to destroy this threat to world peace.

Conveniently IS call themselves martyrs, yet from a western view, it is cowardice.  They will not stand and tell the world their beliefs; they commit suicide instead.  What if it were an Arab justice, from the Arab world?  Would Isis stand up for their beliefs there?

The result of this attack on democracy is that the world stands united.

Liberte. Egalite. Fraternite


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Remembrance Sunday Gratitude

Remembrance Sunday – a day to thank and honour not only those who have gone before, but the wounded of more recent wars and those who have come back to serve another day.

I was lucky enough to briefly bump into some of our finest young men on a train yesterday evening and their happy camaraderie was very good to see.  Their accents I could not fathom at all, which just shows how diverse we are.

I wish them well.  I, for one, have been feeling very grateful all day that our armed forces protect us.  On Tuesday 11th November, we and all of Europe will remember again in two minutes’ silence.



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