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Brexit – Norway-style or Canada WTO Access



We have at least two solid offers offering honourable ways for Britain to leave the EU. There is every reason for MP’s to remain calm and reject the nonsense that is Theresa May.

Claude Juncker famously said on UK TV that he was fed up with Mrs May asking what the EU wanted and to ask the EU what the UK wanted.

Mrs May has spoken to constituents over their MP’s heads. She has spoken to Labour and she that failed, she appealed to the Unions. She made ethereal promises to all.

Yet there has been a cross-party group meeting for months and rightly so. Mrs May has forgotten one thing: the average MP is intelligent and wants to give a well thought out opinion.

We rely on them.

Lucy Lou



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Is Plan B No Vote Brexit?

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Since the ridiculous worst-case scenarios for Brexit set out by the supposedly apolitical Mark Carnet, Chairman of the Bank of England to Theresa May’s stuck-in-the-mud stance, Conservative activists have been begged over the heads oof their MP’s to follow her Brexit deal. This splits activists and their constituency party and will make her MPs’ jobs harder. The plan to work on MP’sbis a shambles and has broken trust within the Conservative Party. Endless shabby promises of promotion if they vote for this dreadfull list of nonsensical words shows a monumental ego at work that does not brook failure. And for a second time, she expects a positive reaction after going behind MP’s backs

And remember the Welsh farmers seen at Market with separate images of Mrs May- did they meet? It may turn out that the EU would like a discussion about subsidies, as they profit too.

I have asked for cross-party discussions before. Now one such movement is being built against her.It is so unnecessary.

Take a rural MP with an interest in agriculture and ask for a Representatives from the National Farmers’Union and talk with counterparts from the EU. Talk in the UK of course.

Is it possible that we took the cheap option? MrsMay has not worked for 2 years on Brexit as claimed.  As late as September 2017 there was a panicked recruitment drive as the government realised they had too few negotiators.

Today there were two demonstrations for and against Brexit. Not much media coverage.

We can make a Brexit deal for the UK but the people want more involvement. Gone are the loners. We are team members.. Maybe MPs can set us an example.

I hope we find clarity; we have a lot to offer.



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I smell a rat (post EU/Mrs May Brexit signature)


Ratified by the EU in undignified haste

Two mistakes by those signing up to this Brexit nonsensical version:

  1. Politicians believe that they are more intelligent and savvy than their voters;
  2. The most mentally-challenged smell a rat when they see one.

Have we ever seen a treaty/agreement/peace terms ratified this fast? Of course not; it is Brexit baloney. Mrs May must give up elegantly and drift into history. We, in the meanwhile, need someone who inspires confusion and fear in Brussels.

Two possibilities, preferably a combination:

A politician like Barack Obama. On first entering Presidential office, he asked Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton to the White House. They gave him useful advice and they gave him stability. Further high-ranking (therefore experienced) politicians also joined him.

Boris Johnson. But not too off the wall; we need stability. Yet he will inspire us in future, if we are to have one.

If you want Brexit for the people, it should be negotiated first. Only then should Brexit become a logistical exercise.  Mrs May has succeeded in causing mental episodes in every negotiator and aide. to do your best and then too find you have been ignored from the beginning is to cause a misalignment in the brain.

I smell a rat; do you?

It is a cheek and an insult to think that no-one would notice.


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M. Barnier, CJJuncker and the Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Piper is an English fable where a Piper plays a haunting melody which  enchants all of the children in the town and they follow him, never  to be seen again. Except one; a child who cannot keep up and is therefore saved.

Roll forward to the present, where MP’s are grown-ups, but they have led the British public down the garden path and sold the DUP(es) down the river.

The 10% of MP’s buried in research have woken to a bonfire too late. Dominic Raab, who seemed to be a breath of fresh air and then realised he was a fall-guy. Hopefully, he refused to deliver the certificate called Brexit, honest to the end, he resigned. Ms McVey fled office after someone said of Universal Credit, slated by the UN no less, that we ‘test and learn’. Not with people’s lives you don’t.  DWP was forced to reduce the waiting time for issue of Universal Credit, to four weeks from six. Hoorah, something honest people have been trying to reduce for years. But there should be no delay.  There’s talk about children’s mental health. Piffle! You don’t care.

The bottom line in every Parliament and law-making is that MP’s want to keep their lifestyles. This is a national disgrace.  So six months before an election, they must have their salaries cut to £10k a year, so that they can assimilate with the poor. It will play havoc with their mental health, but that’s tough right? ask Labour? No, the leader ants unequivocal power.

All standing MP’s, desperate to continue their way of life, must wear the same colour footwear as Mrs May, to show allegiance. Parliament is being treated as a well of stupid contingent who will agree.  But why? She has already drawn the trump card of if you don’t agree with this, there will be no deal. It really is like that email saying ’I love you’ that was opened by half of Parliament and turned out to be a virus. These people think too much of themselves and not about how to survive Brexit.

You have to stop Brexit. Sorry, we have made a mess, especially of the Political Declaration.  Sack Mrs May; she has treated us all as beneath her contempt.  put in an interim Prime Minister, preferably an honest man, which means none of those with limousines. Oh, please insist they must all visit their constituencies, so that the people may speak. My MP is a dopey driveller, to whom I would like to give a piece of my mind, for not standing up to her and for leaving constituents in the lurch.

It is a nonsensical Brexit deal, in that words are strung together, but in such a way that the Campaign for Plain English will have a field day.

When the Cabinet got the 585-page document, they were given 3 hours to read it. what a joke; it’s only for speed-readers, usually lawyers.

Those who want her out were confident of their 48 letters last week. It is not you guys, it is because r MP’s still consider their seats safe. What a joke. The Englishman in the street understands less than he did when Brexit was first named. When they don’t understand, they get angry,  their mental health falters.  Or they laugh and there’s plenty of that when two ‘senior’ Conservative MP’s (friends with Generals or Admirals or RAF) suggested we have our own New Big Army in Britain. Laughable but serious, as it came a day after ‘Jere my Corb Ine’ suggested the same thing.

In Ireland they may make a thousand jokes about Brexit.  It is laughable and obvious that N. Ireland and S. Ireland need to tell the UK to take a running jump off a short pier; it’s their land, isn’t it?

Why do you misunderstand the power of feeling against this deal amongst the British people? Few nations ever consider revolution until it happens to them.

Still MP’s are not sufficiently scared of using their seats. A Lithuanian carpenter  was on TV last night. Over 4 years, he had worked himself up to Manager. Oh and he spoke five languages.  He could work anywhere! Are there Englishmen emulating him? We routinely insult our workers, who routinely work harder and longer hours than the EU. TO CEO’s – at Christmas, you could thank your employees, write up bonuses on your website.

Unfortunately when those in power rely on fear, of no deal, is worse than what has vomited into awareness, no longer a democracy. When people rely on fear, people like HITLER appear. We said in all the words of the WW1 and WW2 programmes, that it will never happen again. We are on the cusp of dictatorship. Any MP who thinks this is a joke, please don’t.


Who can guide us out of this muddle?  It has to be an interim Prime Minister and crucially, someone who is feared by the EU. Of course, it is Boris Johnson, whose superior language will fox translators and introduce a degree of levity that combines

people much better than pre-planned, controlled question and answer sessions. The EU see Brexit as a power battle, which they thought was theirs for the taking. The British had conceded all the way down the line. But the PM stopped, made up her paper and did not listen to anyone. This is exactly what she did in the stupid 2016 Election. And she hasn’t learnt, nor has she learned humility from the 2016 results. All Brexit has succeeded in doing is making us and our children poorer.

“It will all be over by Christmas.” A second world war quote.

Having another leader is easier done than said.


  • A Natalie Loiseau – Mme, il est evident que vous avez peur de bien faire arranger les normes. Veuillez d’etre assure que les Anglais creent toujours les normes politiques et vous les suivez.

Who can unravel the muddle that binds us to a course into self-destruction.? It seemed that every week in spite of Dominic Raab, thebreath of fresh air, who found himself dismissed when he objected , rightly, to concessions, she did not listen. This phrase occurred repeatedly before the last General Election, when the Tories sought high office. Ha! You have to earn that. To MP’s: where in your conscience is there a success in this Bill?

Why have the former Commonwealth countries been snubbed? We will need them as we continue. How can we continue with a leader who doesn’t succeed. Remember what happened at the last Election, which was meant to lead us, the country to higher successes? Mrs May lost the plot. Did she fail to see why she had failed when it was as plain as ithe nose in your face/ in that instance, she kept a lectern and several metres of space between herself and the Public with sticky hands.

We are going the same way. Only this time, we will self-destruct or we will tell the EU to take a running jump off a short pier.; their trade is less important. It is alright to put these ideas to the EU. They will decline to their own castasttophe.

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Mrs May stands strong, alone

Allow Mrs May a customs plan that allows free movement of products and services? If it is cherry-picking, let the EU have a paddy and overcome it. Mrs May has acted with great dignity over the last few days. Being mocked by CJ Juncker made the whole of the UK put their noses in the air. We are a great nation; Luxembourg is a small one. The man should be sacked for mocking an EU partner. (He danced his way onstage to his peers and they all laughed, according to a TV soundbite.) There is no second chance for insult. You can imagine the US going to war over such a thing, yet we are considered weak and how can that be? It seems that every time the EU negotiators says that the talks that day were making ‘good progress’, the more we wonder whether concessions are being given to the EU.

We are sticking to our guns over the Customs Union, as Theresa May rightly sees that there is no trade without it. so why can’t we have one that suits us, rather than Brussels. We should be saying that ‘x’ is what we have worked out and that is our offer on the table.

Every bank is making contingency plans, so should businesses. Maybe they can negotiate customs and Brexit plans for each industry. They know what they need; the government is wavering. Why cannot we ‘cherrypick’? Isn’t that what the EU is doing by rejecting our plans. Let’s be frank; the 27 EU nations have just realised that the loss of the UK’s financial contribution will mean no money for their own infrastructure, so they became M. Barnier’s lemmings. The merest mention of the words ‘general election’ makes MP’s realise that they may lose their comfortable salaries and they panic. This is where the leader must stand strong, which she is doing.

Where is Mrs May’s support? Why aren’t MP’s standing up and saying that they support her and in their chosen industry, they need such and such. It is for government to amalgamate not create. The lack of it suggests there is no support, yet that may not true. Is an aide keeping MP’s ideas from her. The two previous aides from the General Election, snubbed MP’s and acted like dictators. That would be catastrophic for the UK.

A General Election today would descend into chaos and may bring a Dictator into power, one who does not listen to his own, sends activists into every moderate’s constituency.

A Leadership Election would bore the nation. Those who live in glasshouses, (i.e., have no new ideas) should not throw stones. Social housing in London has been a cause for every government since the Second World War.



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For Mrs May – Strength comes from evaluating a proposal


A billion pound company was built by two men, one a marketing man, Clay Brendish, the other a finance man.

The company was Admiral Computing and no deal was done unless a proposal, had been through several levels of discussion.

So Mrs May has put in the proposal at Chequers. Unfortunately, she has some highly dramatic Cabinet members and this one resigned and others threatened it. Then they started thinly-veiled leadership talks within the Conservative Party.  Naturally, Mrs May is irritated, especially as it distracts her from doing her job.

If there is anything the local Party members can do, it is to hold the party line. But and it is a big but, Mrs May must allow her proposal to be evaluated and discussed until it becomes more palatable. It may become a compromise and that would be a success.

Cabinet members and MP’s must stop strutting into our newspapers  of a weekend. The English prefer someone who will get on with the job, like Mrs May. The EU and M. Barnier are becoming more conciliatory. Anyone who proposes a second Referendum should be given to backbenchers who have more insight and considerably more experience.

Thirty years ago on the night train from Paris, friends from Africa would promise Customs that they would become bricklayers or nannies. Today, it would seem to be fruit pickers.

Have a safe week.


PS. Have these hurricanes bounced partly back into the Atlantic from the Carolinas and Virginia and become three smaller amber and yellow storms across the UK? Weather forecasters are calling it the start of the 2018-19 hurricane season. Don’t be daft; the UK does not have one.

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