Stop Barracking Boris!

To Boris,

‘If you can hold your head up high when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,

if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

but make allowance for their doubting too

if you can walk with crowds and keep your virtue

or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch …

You will be a man, my son.. (If by Rudyard Kipling)

Sack Brendon Lewis for opening his mouth when he shouldn’t. If you cannot trust your Cabinet, they should not be in post.

Get rid of D. Cummings who was solely responsible for spitting in the eye of every NHS and other workers and families who couldn’t be with their loved ones; a man who drove 50 miles to a holiday resort on the pretext that he was testing his eyesight. If there had been any suggestion of an eye problem, few people would risk the lives of wife and child. He doesn’t understand that he made people think:

“Well if he can break lockdown, so can we.”

And especially young people were at best, disappointed and at worst, anti-lockdown and social distancing. They may have recovered, but Mr Cummings should leave immediately. I thought that he was going to be replaced anyway. What happened to that?

Boris, you are now different after your torrid experience with Covid-19. The people didn’t realise how bad it was. You learned humility and that trait will carry you through. And you have now lost 2 stones, my mother tells me and you look more and more the statesman.

The B-rexit word is right to be banned from government. It is said that the Withdrawal Agreement is not in our best interests. That’s no surprise, considering the mess your predecessor made of it. It doesn’t matter if we break other countries’ laws. Boris is right to only be concerned with UK laws. The French have been incredibly slow to understand that we voted out and Boris, your integrity means that you will do that.

There was some stupid talk in Westminster about MP’s voting on UK and Brussels law. No. The only vote on what is best will come from you. I talk until I am blue in the face about using our young people to forward the Conservative policy. I was a YC once and we were invited to an Open Evening at the local MP’s house. But there was some confusion – yeah, right – the MP thought we had come to do the washing-up. I think the girls refused. Anyway, your Young Conservatives are raring to go. Send them round the country with your policies.

Hang in there; the people are with you.

Best wishes

Stay safe, keep well


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