Who would wish mental health problems on a rising 5-year-old?

Why are the babies going to school? In Reception, they learn to sit at a desk of 4. That’s not 6 feet/2 metres away.

You have children scattered around the room and the point is, what exactly?

Never mind the difficulties. This has nothing to do with the welfare of children. It is about mothers on Universal Credit, who, at some point have to sign something, promising to go out to work. And when they do, the State will pay their rent etc. If they cannot go to work, um, that will upset the system.

When will they admit that school is for the average child? The intellectually-challenged and gifted, would be better learning at home. Yet another failing of Universal Credit. Why doesn’t DWP do something novel, never tried before? Ask the staff. They see the failings every day and are abused for it, which is not fair. Put DWP’s mandarins in the firing line and see how they cope.

Maybe one shouldn’t post when one is angry. But 3-year-olds, in Nursery, generally play alone until taught to play together. But when they go to big school, they are apart again, in this new world.

We have gifted teachers; they have a tough task.

Keep well, stay safe


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