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So three problems for Boris Johnson to take to Brussels tomorrow. Firstly, well done to Boris for keeping his nerve against all-comers.

1) Governance – we have a government, thanks and the British public will not take kindly to another country sticking its oar in. This is because we are both mavericks and leaders. And governance from Brussels, or is it Strasbourg this week, a reason why we left.

2) Fisheries – give over. The British and the French, plus any Joe Bloggs who wants to. have a look-in, have been squabbling over fishing rights for hundreds of years.
A distant thought says that the 0-6 miles and the 6-12 miles’ areas were in danger of being over-fished. All parties want to conserve fish stocks, but are guilty of fishing in each other’s waters. Of course the 0-6 miles of sea around our coastline are our territorial waters and are therefore set in stone. There was a sob story on the News about poor, little French fishing boats fishing for small businesses. The reverse is also true, although they cannot be little boats as they have to navigate the English Channel. What about quotas for the 6-12 miles of sea? Please no more regulation, yet an acknowledgement that all countries who send their fishing boats to this area, will have to share the charge of British and French warships to patrol it.

3) A level playing field – let’s clarify. We have left the Union We should have the same rights of access and tariff-free as Canada or any other country that trades with the EU, but lives outside it. Make no demands. It puts people’s backs up. Show your lasting gratitude. The French like a good scrap.

If all else fails, smile until your face hurts and keep smiling. It drives everyone crazy!

Best wishes

Keep well, stay well


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Stop Barracking Boris!

To Boris,

‘If you can hold your head up high when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,

if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

but make allowance for their doubting too

if you can walk with crowds and keep your virtue

or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch …

You will be a man, my son.. (If by Rudyard Kipling)

Sack Brendon Lewis for opening his mouth when he shouldn’t. If you cannot trust your Cabinet, they should not be in post.

Get rid of D. Cummings who was solely responsible for spitting in the eye of every NHS and other workers and families who couldn’t be with their loved ones; a man who drove 50 miles to a holiday resort on the pretext that he was testing his eyesight. If there had been any suggestion of an eye problem, few people would risk the lives of wife and child. He doesn’t understand that he made people think:

“Well if he can break lockdown, so can we.”

And especially young people were at best, disappointed and at worst, anti-lockdown and social distancing. They may have recovered, but Mr Cummings should leave immediately. I thought that he was going to be replaced anyway. What happened to that?

Boris, you are now different after your torrid experience with Covid-19. The people didn’t realise how bad it was. You learned humility and that trait will carry you through. And you have now lost 2 stones, my mother tells me and you look more and more the statesman.

The B-rexit word is right to be banned from government. It is said that the Withdrawal Agreement is not in our best interests. That’s no surprise, considering the mess your predecessor made of it. It doesn’t matter if we break other countries’ laws. Boris is right to only be concerned with UK laws. The French have been incredibly slow to understand that we voted out and Boris, your integrity means that you will do that.

There was some stupid talk in Westminster about MP’s voting on UK and Brussels law. No. The only vote on what is best will come from you. I talk until I am blue in the face about using our young people to forward the Conservative policy. I was a YC once and we were invited to an Open Evening at the local MP’s house. But there was some confusion – yeah, right – the MP thought we had come to do the washing-up. I think the girls refused. Anyway, your Young Conservatives are raring to go. Send them round the country with your policies.

Hang in there; the people are with you.

Best wishes

Stay safe, keep well


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Let India be the cleanest country

India is in a good position to overcome, situated as it is in the middle of the world. Their huge population means that they can broker deals for the benefit of their citizens.

Firstly, India can issue the poor with rubber gloves to fend off infection with Covid-19. They should be durable and washable. Any global company should be honoured to have the contract, as their product will be famous within a single generation.

Secondly, give the poor and migrant workers that will make them proud. Ask them to clean railway stations and trains after every journey. There could be teams at every station to clean seats of those who have left the train there. They could also swab railway platforms before a train is due and after it has left.

When the train reaches its destination, this army of workers will clean the interior and exterior. Call them keyworkers and give them a pride in spotless trains and a way to contain Covid-19 and other strains of Coronavirus. Do I have that right?

Make travellers carry hand sanitisers or wear gloves. Not disposable ones, but washable ones. The world has not figured out what to do with disposable gloves or disposable masks.

Let India lead the world. Actually, I am jealous. How wonderful it would be to travel in a spotless train. We could do the same with UK trains, as thousands are out of work following lockdown. Compete within railway stations. Pride is important. Competition can be fun. Otherwise, the UK needs 70,000 fruit pickers as the usual people are not coming.

Issue every household if possible, with cleaning products that will attack Coronavirus. If that action will poison drinking water, then you cannot do it.

Although it is a dry country, has India dug wells for water? WaterAid is a charity, seeking to give fresh water to indigenous people. In 2001, I was in Los Angeles and from the bus taking us to the hotel, I saw what I thought was drilling for oil. Apparently not. They were digging for water to keep up with LA’s increasing water consumption. What happened downstream to other cities wanting more water, must be a headache.

As for a lack of water, I found a supermarket offering a car wash. I looked into a black bucket, where there was a small drop of water, yet the cars were spotless. By hard work and polishing, those workers had done a superb job. Maybe with cleaning products, you can avoid the demand for water.

Make companies compete longterm for the cleaning products at the train stations. Make the cleaning products bio-degradable and India will have another win.

In the short term, choose the best product for the lowest price. Companies will want their cleaning products to be advertised freely by key workers and this is a massive opportunity for them. Of course, those who can pay, should pay, if only to keep India running.

Keep safe, stay well


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Quietly, quietly, tiptoe and the stupid public won’t realize.


There is another funnel down which millions are rapidly disappearing, but don’t say nothing. Well, just a whisper.

Construction should be allowed to go back to work, announces the government. So TV shows men in hard hats, trying to stay apart while reading a site plan. They stand impressively halfway up a new building. It could be anywhere. But no mention of something we never could afford and never needed. It is so ridiculous that someone actually said it could be electrified. The French had electric trains 30 years ago. Please say it is a 21st century railtrack.

Yes, HS2. Out of date before it is built. Better to do the northern part, to link northern cities, like Boris promised. Besides, by the time it is finished in the northern part of our beautiful country, say 2030, London will be partly underwater. That would be a major engineering challenge.

Hello, please stop this nonsense immediately. We have to contain the virus and save people and that takes precedent over everything else. So there’s lobbying and in some places there would be backhanders, but the British would never do that. So why hasn’t it stopped?

Every charity under the sun is advertising emergency Coronavirus appeals, but the British government wants a railway. I know we’re odd, eccentric, yet lovable. This is not love of country. I call it the scar, as that is what it will carve through middle England’s lush vales. City businessmen and women want to have relaxing weekends in the country, lockdown allowing.

Boris, we need an explanation.

Stay safe, keep well


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Who would wish mental health problems on a rising 5-year-old?

Why are the babies going to school? In Reception, they learn to sit at a desk of 4. That’s not 6 feet/2 metres away.

You have children scattered around the room and the point is, what exactly?

Never mind the difficulties. This has nothing to do with the welfare of children. It is about mothers on Universal Credit, who, at some point have to sign something, promising to go out to work. And when they do, the State will pay their rent etc. If they cannot go to work, um, that will upset the system.

When will they admit that school is for the average child? The intellectually-challenged and gifted, would be better learning at home. Yet another failing of Universal Credit. Why doesn’t DWP do something novel, never tried before? Ask the staff. They see the failings every day and are abused for it, which is not fair. Put DWP’s mandarins in the firing line and see how they cope.

Maybe one shouldn’t post when one is angry. But 3-year-olds, in Nursery, generally play alone until taught to play together. But when they go to big school, they are apart again, in this new world.

We have gifted teachers; they have a tough task.

Keep well, stay safe


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Good news and bad news for Dominic Cummings

It is so wonderful how what goes around, comes around, nothing more so than the rollout of a new discovery system: contact and tracing. And the obvious first contact is that government adviser who did what he wanted: Dominic Cummings. His knee-jerk reaction to take his family to his parents’ home was the same as 90% of parents in this country. The difference was that Boris had asked us to stay in lockdown. Why should he then patently stand beside this individual? Together they have made a crack in lockdown. Boris Johnson is still not well enough to return to work and is so reliant on this Dominic Cummings that he is not thinking straight.

What are we all thinking now? Well if he can do it, we can do it. and does Boris Johnson not realize that to protect someone who arrogantly broke the lockdown conditions and drove for 5 hours to reach his parents’ farm near Durham, makes his personal trust level plummet.

Hundreds of thousands of families have been in lockdown, social distancing by 6 feet, one from another. You see, the British have always been keen on fairness and fair play. So, everyone must follow rules, except it appears by arrogant government advisers. It is nepotism in its basic, cruellest form.

And then Mr Cummings couldn’t let it go, could he? He made a statement, the prerogative of  Prime Ministers and the Queen, not jumped-up Civil Servants. We listened in vain for an apology, that would have gone such a long way to healing us. But no, he would do the same thing again.

Great. And the latest twist? Someone, no guesses, leaked to the Press, that Mr Cummings would be leaving in 6 months. What a joke. Readers of the FT on Friday 22 May 2020 know. An article by Sebastian Payne and George Parker talked about how Mr Simon Case, the current Private Secretary to Prince William is coming in to oversee the Coronavirus Pandemic. He is an expert in Logistics, which we sorely need. it is fascinating to note that the article is on the same page as a headline:

Tracing army sits in the sun awaiting orders for mission to outflank virus.

There have been a lot of computer crashes lately. For some reason, people running mega companies did not realize that computer programmers given furlough, were going to be playing games 24/7.

So go now, Mr Cummings, although his face in a morning newspaper showed his shock at being escorted to work by the police. Obviously another one who does not realize his impact. Besides his dress code needs a serious look, if he wants to work in the City.

Boris needs to line up aCabinet MP or Civil Servant for a particular role, like Fisheries and have them on hand for Coronavirus Question Times every day.. It is simply unfair to expect Boris to know the detail of every role.

Oh, I was wrong, in an earlier post, about quarantine orders on incomers. At this time of year, they are tourists and we should be grateful. They are ideal subjects to do contact tracing and reports could be sent to their country of origin. And they should be tested on departure. Surely, it’s just a computer program?

And back to Dominic Cummings, whose vague remarks about stopping in a wood on the way back from Durham, make him an ideal test subject for contact tracing. If he refuses, Boris must not back him up, otherwise he is guilty of backing up someone who drove wildly out of area, while the rest of us are staying in lockdown.

Boris Johnson must show his leadership qualities and allow Dominic Cummings to leave quietly. The troublemakers are coming out in other countries. we rely on the government to keep us safe.

Stay well, keep safe


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Sport Breathe Aid to help Coronavirus

I have just discovered an aid to breathing, used by athletes to shorten their times.

Ut claims to increase airflow by up to 53%. What if it could be used by those struggling with Coronavirus – Covid-19?

It could also be used by elderly people in the community to protect them.

Originally developed as a snore aid, (of course nobody snores) it is an example of a cure for one thing helping people with something else. I bought one via Amazon and it arrived promptly. I am taking one into my local hospital. Can you do the same? Maybe it could save some people from a horrible disease.

Stay safe, keep well


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A Gaping Hole in Lockdown


The government reached 100,000 tests last Friday. Brilliant! Well done to Matt Hancock and his team for persevering until he reached the target. We should be congratulating him on that achievement, but the media take the negative way. Every test done by the Army at the drive-thru tests deserves more congratulations. But the UK is not really in lockdown.

Well the residents are, families are in lockdown, maybe with a little exercise and food shopping.

There is a huge hole in lockdown, which could have been saved, at least, by contact tracing.  It is upsetting to say that no-one is being tested for Coronavirus when arriving into our airports. One man from India, on a TV snippet, said that he had been given a temperature check on departure, but nothing on arrival.

In the first few weeks of lockdown, airport arrivals were sent to a hotel for quarantine for two weeks.  What happened to them after that? Stays in hotels or other establishments have been quietly shutdown. Why? Couldn’t they cope? Have they looked for help from government? Whoever made the decision must take responsibility for the consequences of many unknown people entering the UK and disappearing, It is worrying that the incomers may be treating the UK as a stopover point. They may travel onward, whilst carrying Coronavirus, but we don’t know. Other countries have closed their borders. We must do the same and quickly. And then you should start

contact tracing, possibly from end of March 2020. Airlines have passenger lists. Give ten newly qualified Computer Scientists and ten with 20 years’ experience and write a program to do the contact tracing for you. Or can it be done with the new App.?

And here comes Boris Johnson with his bizarre idea of reducing lockdown when the figures don’t match such a move. I wonder whether he has been talking to Donald Trump.  It is best that the UK does its own lockdown planning. You cannot scale up the numbers to make them read what you want.

And Boris Johnson has had CoronaVirus. It takes a lot out of you; he knows that. So why put us all at risk?   We still have daily tragedies of hundreds of people dying.  Those figures are not coming down. We have to wait until there is a plateau.

To Boris, please take the mobile testing into Passport Control. Usually there are long queues, but now there must be space. Treat the new arrivals with tests and quarantine, as lack of it will devastate all of us at home and all of those caring for people with Covid-19 symptoms.

Start contact-tracing now. It should have been started before lockdown. And it should be ongoing. Starting now might stop us having a third spike.

Opening on Monday puts more people at risk. And it seems as though business has already been told to go back to work. Where the local motorway has been deserted, today there was a steady stream of vehicles.  A plea to employers: issue your staff with rubber gloves and face protection, especially clear face masks. Then we can all relax.

Finally, many congratulations to Boris and his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds on the safe arrival of their baby son, Wilfred. That she was seen out on the same day that she gave birth, is understandable in current conditions, yet it is not a good message for new mothers. They have much to learn in a short time and they need loving care and flat shoes.

Best wishes

Keep safe, stay well


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Nose Dilators for the NHS, UK and globally


Can the UK, NHS consider using nose dilators? Can every hospital service consider them globally?

 They improve speed and quantity of airflow into the lungs of between 38% and 50%, depending on which one you buy. One brand is Rhinodeen, which also describes itself as a product against snoring. As nose dilators against Coronavirus, this is another use.

Stocks are waning, as being in lockdown may exacerbate the family snorer. Yet this idea could enable the manufacturer to sell in bulk, thus giving themselves another income stream, one that will hail them as heroes.

They are very soft and easy to apply. The product description says that they are much better than nose stripes, whatever those are.

Originally sourced to improve running and learning with it to get a peak improvement,  they could be used for people whose oxygen levels have not moved for a week, like a poor person on the TV this evening. if you can save one, you save a family.

If nose-dilators could help elderly, vulnerable people to breathe more easily and improve the airflow into their lungs, that might mean the difference between life and not. They would also work in a care home setting, to keep people well.

Keep safe, stay well


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Save Boris Johnson, Save the World


Boris Johnson is the best Prime Minister for many years.

To help him in this time of being in hospital, he will know what a sterile and terrifying place it is. People in masks, it will be impossible for the 9 million people with hearing issues, to work out what is happening, let alone what is wrong with them..

Firstly, I had a high temperature on 24 February. It was not like anything I had had before, but there were no other symptoms and 111 said I was wasting their time. I isolated myself for a week. I slept for 24 hours, then 12 hours’ sleep for 3 days and I was fine and remain so.

The x-rays that I saw on TV showed damage to the lower lungs.

There is a breathing exercise where you breathe into the top of your lungs. They go up as far as your shoulders. When I told BUPA Doctors this circa 2010, they had no idea what I was talking about. But Paul Brennan had told me about it the week before. Apparently the UK medical profession did not accept it at the time.

It should be taught properly by an Aston-Patterning Practitioner; mine is Paul Brennan . There are only 5 in Europe, although Paul Brennan is also a mentor.

Can you breathe into one shoulder at a time?

Put your right hand’s fingertips at the top of your left shoulder.

Left-handers, put your left hand’s fingertips to the top of your right shoulder.

Breathe in gently through your nose for 3 or 4 puffs. And breathe out gently through your mouth.  And feel the movement in your shoulder. It takes time to work.

Please ask Paul in to help Boris Johnson. Paul has exercises on Amazon Audible.

Yesterday I was called to care for a relative and I forgot my asthma medication. I did the exercises at the time to sleep and again in the morning. I only have mild asthma, yet I lasted until I could take my medication. It does show the power of the exercises.

Music to your ears, preferably your own mp3 or whatever. Maybe elderly patients can listen to an mp3 recording of their grandchildren singing. Or music of your era. Encourage patients to mouth, sing songs, maybe hum. Singing helps breathing.

And get someone like Anthony Robbins to stream his message of hope to everyone in the hospital. This has to be done for free.

Tai Chi – can be done sitting down, for people getting better.

Maybe Boris has overdone it. who does a Prime Minister listen to?

The Queen, perhaps, who gave her greatest speech for a generation. Let the whole hospital listen to it on repeat, to give everyone hope. This is what we want for Boris.

Best wishes for everyone

The UK claps our NHS and all workers within it and it makes everyone feel good.

The Italians sing on their balconies. We are all different and we have visionary scientists and Doctors who are learning from each other.

Get well soon, Boris.

And the best thing for you is sleep.


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