Politics goes from chaos to bombardment

How arrogant are we? We have not allowed an internationally renowned Chemical Weapons Inspectorate to conduct an investigation into chemical weapons in Syria. Were we afraid that President Assad had already cleared the area and our reason for bombing would not be verified?
Now on ‘Robert Peston on Sunday’ the Deputy to Mrs May is calling it an humanitarian mission. Rubbish, it is a strike by arrogant leaders, needing their own political validation.  Too late, they have bombed a chemical weapons’ site in Syria. Why did the Inspectorate spend 3 hours’ discussing the attack in Damascus today? Have they been allowed to go to the area?

Of course, Russia condemned Britain for not waiting for the Chemical Weapons’ Inspectorate to carry out an investigation. This is like night follows day. Nikki Haley, the US spokeswoman for the US gave a list of three ultimata, which are impossible in the real world.

Russia is now offering to bring Syria to the diplomatic table. We should keep very quiet and wait for the UN to make a decision. World politics is not a triumvirate of Britain, France and America. Mr Trump will dismiss us, like an ant underfoot. Did no-one caution Mrs May, as we all know she had to sack two young aides for being arrogant and not listening? That said she should be cautious with herself, but no. America came calling. Even his own country is afraid of what he might do.

Russia’s propaganda said that there were no chemical weapons’ casualties. Luckily, The World Health Organisation in Geneva reported that similar agencies gave numbers of up to 500 people injured and 60 lives taken.

Does Theresa May allow no other opinions? If a third world country had pressed its weapon buttons in this way, there would be substantial responses and economic sanctions from NATO, the UN, S.E. Asian countries and the EU. We are making untold number of enemies, when with Brexit we need as many allies as possible.

If we suggested that President Assad could escape economic sanctions by coming to the diplomatic talking table, that would make him look like a brave leader. However, Russia has already leapt in. Sending weapons is at the press of a button. Peace is equally simple: make everyone save face.

Enough bombing; we have angered the rest of the world. It appears that the Chemical Weapons Inspectorate arrived yesterday and not earlier, as I thought. Russia, for one, would kill them without compunction, deliver their bodies to the world and say that the British had done it. Our Gurkha soldiers acting as bodyguards could keep the Inspectors safe.

France and its allies warned Russia that the strikes were coming, according to Florence Parly, Minister of the French Armed Forces. That meant that up to 40,000 people were bussed out of the area, which is good news.

The Russians have designed a battle plan to blame the British wherever possible. We cannot afford to send missiles when our own people are suffering at the onset of a recession. Stuttering house prices is an example. An economic sanctions war between the US and China is tipping the balance of world trade. That makes two fronts that Mr Trump is facing and he has no clue about trade.

History tells us, that once Hitler had to face Russia as well as Germany in the Second World War, he lost on all fronts. As Mr Trump has no idea of consequences, the world could quickly spiral into chaos. The Russians have already warned against it.

Arrogance and controlling behaviour is the opposite of what we need in politicians right now. If the British government thinks that going to war is being flexible, we are in serious trouble.

Possible consequences should be discussed by career diplomats, the Civil Servants and politicians of the day. Talking to retired Generals is the last thing we need. Their whole lives centred on war and having broken everything in Afghanistan, we had the cheek to go in and build their bridges again, moral and physical.

Syria was once a central silk trade route in the Mediterranean. Why has it and its people been destroyed? In the name of power; sad but true. Britain should have waited for the UN to investigate. There is power in waiting. It saves face. Any visit would be sheer folly; we are facing ruthlessness on an epic scale. It is a sad irony that the poisoned children could have grown up to be President Assad’s soldiers.

There are numerous Syrians who are in Britain, after claiming asylum. They are objecting, but as in their own country, politicians are excited by pushing buttons and their voices will be unheard.

Consequences? Russia wants a route to the Mediterranean Sea. Syria could ask for economic help in return from Russia, who would earn points with the international community. Make Syria a trading partner and her civilisation will return.

Meanwhile, our international reputation needs saving.

“We are tiny. Repeat. We are tiny on the world stage.”

Did our Prime Minister think that she was anything other than a pawn? For her own sake, please keep away from Mr Trump now.

Send our greatest diplomats and Civil Servants and a sensible MP from the backbenches, with experience of peace-making around the world, to alleviate upset. The younger the better. Trust is easily lost and hardest gained. We should not have been put in this position.

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