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Too Late But Show Energy In Remain Camp

It seems odd that Britain is accused of breaking up Europe when the concession that David Cameron elicited, was in practical terms, nothing at all. It has to be ratified by the European Congress, where everyone gets a vote.  Is it like Clement Attlee waving his piece of paper?  Will our actions send Europe to war?  It seems impossible; we are a tiny country compared to others in Europe.  Yet the presidency clearly sees the start of an exodus.  They know that they cannot cope alone, so suddenly Britain, being a damp squib, is now number one subject of discussion. The Netherlands is now poised to have its own Referendum.

Unfortunately, the poster displayed by Nigel Farage of UKIP, however distasteful, touched a nerve. It was a bully-boy tactic, worthy of the origins of UKIP.  The Remain camp should have come out with another one in support of itself, i.e., people working industriously.  However that’s not possible is it?  In stupid flack, poke yourself in the eye fairness, every poster must include white, brown, black, from somewhere else people.  The recent EU immigrants must not be insulted.  Hello?  This is about our country, our rule of law, no-one else.

We have let ourselves be sunk under immigrants because we try so hard to please them. Stop pleasing.  Start thinking.  It’s too late, of course, but I suppose other bloggers are brimming over with emotion today.

Tomorrow we stand together, shoulder to shoulder, just as it always has been and just as it always will be.


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Lebanon Has Experience of Migrants

Maybe Lebanon could teach the world how to deal with refugees.

Forty years ago there were Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, living in a shanty camp, their shelters made of whatever materials they could find; mainly heavy duty plastic sheeting and corrugated iron. There were four thousand people to one tap and they were classed as second-class workers, which meant they rarely, if ever, found work. I remember not understanding how they could live without money and also of my beloved father, who knew everything in my child world, not being able to give me an answer.

What happened to those Palestinian refugees? Did they stay during successive wars to the present day and contribute to Lebanon?

Let Lebanon, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, teach the rest of us how to deal with refugees.


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