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Trident Revival Like Walking Through Jam


Well, he’s done it.  Jeremy Corbyn has had himself portrayed on primetime news with his back to the camera, which shows he is more interested in the constituent than he is in the news station.  Hmmm, it sounds good but his comment:

“I make jam,”

would have floored me.  Thinking about it afterwards, making jam is considered warm and cuddly, homemaking.  That is for people who don’t make jam.  It is fun collecting plums from my mother’s garden, but I remember an upturned chair with muslin cloth strung between the legs and waiting for the jam to drip through. That was far too slow to my mind as a child.

What is jam to do with Trident? A sticky mess if ever there was one, it has been mothballed twice. It was reprieved the first time and hastily mothballed again by an incoming government of a different hue.  Thirty years ago Trident was considered almost out-of-date, but hugely expensive.  Can it now be considered as being like watching television without colour as it was well into the 20th century? And why has Mr Corbyn said he will revive it?  I suggest a competition as we all know the British are the world’s best inventors.  Design a modern weapon by using components from Trident. Er, ‘make do and mend’ and that other great saying ‘all’s well that ends well’.

Jam and Trident? If you don’t have the exact amount of jam in your jar for the UK Women’s Institute, it will be rejected and you will have twenty jars of unsaleable jam.  Precision is required.  If we get our weapons wrong, Parliament will stall, because they don’t listen to experts. How about melting it down and starting again?

There was a PB (parliamentary broadcast on TV) yesterday from the Green Party who have an inkling of just how much power they can wield, if they are careful.  Trident is not in their field* at all.

Wish us luck.


*sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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A Danger to Democracy


On 18 July Jeremy Corbyn refused to read out Labour’s policy on nuclear armament as it did not agree with his own.  At that point, he was not acting as a public servant but doing what he wanted.  Furious heckling from his own MP’s showed their disillusion at a discussion that had been booked in 2015 and a Shadow Cabinet meeting had agreed to read out Labour’s policy.

I remember years ago that I was beaten in a show of hands, but I had to swallow and accept a democratic vote.  Apparently Jeremy Corbyn does not want to be disappointed, but that is not democracy.

For the record:

‘Labour remains committed to a minimum, credible, independent nuclear capability, delivered through a Continuous At-Sea Deterrent. We will actively work to increase momentum on global multilateral disarmament efforts and negotiations, and look at further reductions in global stockpiles and the numbers of weapons.’ (The Spectator 19 July 2016.)

What do you think?  Is there democracy in the UK?  In Europe?



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