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Congratulations to the Thai, British & International Divers – Thai Boys’ Rescue


How wonderful, the young boys are all out, safe and sound. Thrill and delight for their parents and relief for everyone around the world. It is down to brilliant logistics and Engineers who diverted pumped up water, yet mainly the divers who worked tirelessly to actually get the boys out.

To the filmmakers, you are not operating in a democracy. You will have to use exquisite politeness to talk to people. It would be politic to approach Narongsak  Osatthanarkorn, the Governor of the Chiang Rai region and logistics wizard for the operation to bring the boys out of the caves. A tremendous job and he should be acknowledged for that.

Thank you to the divers who undertook missions to the caves, put full oxygen tanks along the route.  I think they had to do that every day for every four rescues.  It would be good to hear their story.

To the 7 divers from the UK’s Cave Research Council, congratulations on your brilliant work. It is another notch in pride of the UK. I hope that the boys start objecting to their bland diets, always a good sign.

Good weekend!



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Help the Thai boys out in bodybags plus oxygen


Everyone with children knows that ours could be in this situation. You hand over responsibility to the Scout Leader or Teacher on a school trip and hope that everything will turn out alright.

Maybe crazy ideas:

  1. What if the boys could be put under anaesthetic and have oxygen strapped to their chests? If they were put into something flexible or rubbery like a body bag that you see in hospitals, would it be quicker and easier to transport them out of the caves? Maybe it is too fraught with danger, but the Thai SEALS are trying everything.
  2. There is a bore hole that pumps out water. What if a shaft was dug around it and made big enough to extract the boys?
  3. What if it were possible or easier to find or build another entrance that could be further into the caves? Send a drone underwater? One that is less than 2.5 km that they are currently trying to do. Can you map caves from above?
  4. If the boys are awake, they must have one person touching them at all times to keep contact. This will create calm and keep them calm. Are the Thais Buddists as Monks’ chanting can be soothing?
  5. An mp3 player and earphones, playing favourite music? Anything to distract them from the ordeal.
  6. If any idea here could make someone think, not that but maybe this.   They are in the best hands.



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