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Consequences of Paying Too Little Wages

Hello, apologies that I have not been around for a while. I guess that I fell off my perch. Political and social comment continues apace.

On 27th November 2015, there was a huge UK internet Sale called Black Friday. It actually lasted the whole of that week and the following week. There were great deals and many people, including me, bought cumbersome electrical items, all delivered to any address.

Congratulations to Royal Mail who has adapted to carrying parcels ordered over the Internet. Stores have also benefitted from online shopping, as prices seem to be the same online and in store.

We are now at the end of March and the January Sales have become the Spring Sales. Yesterday, now end of March, British Summer Time started.
The Sales will stop when stores can no longer sell at reduced prices, as manufacturers are sent to the wall by hungry suppliers. They do not care as they can merely import more goods. Which will go out of business first?

I think it will be the suppliers, whose wage bills will go up 50p per hour per employee from April 2016 for those aged 25 and over. To be fair to the government, there has been a year for the suppliers to lobby against this rise, but they know that they have been paying too little for years. They have been relying on UK welfare benefits to top up the salaries of those with families, aged 25 and over, so that they can maintain a living wage. I have seen people working seven-day weeks and they are exhausted. Those employees can no longer go the extra mile required by his or her employers. Exhaustion is taking its toll across all industries. Hopefully this introduction will stop it.


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David Cameron, a Moral Politician

David Cameron was right and took a politically courageous and moral position to state that it would be best for Syrians to stay in their country. This was said at a time when a hundred thousand refugees were headed to Europe, and people were being drowned on their way.

Television newscasts have shown 97 refugee families living in a partly-built shopping mall. On other days, some refugees have said that they love their country and do not want to leave. Now there comes the obliteration of northern Syria, a dramatic development, said to be Russian.

Can we in the peaceful world, carve out an independent Syria zone, made up of a 1000 km –wide zone somewhere west of the Turkish border, of land that is fertile, or industrial or electronic, or whatever the majority wants, to ensure peaceful living.

Russia, America and the West must cross their hearts and promise any God they believe in, that they will leave this Syrian zone in peace. There are those who want Syria as a strategic asset. No-one wants to be that. The zone will be carved by people talking. Let them be experienced diplomats and not old Western politicians. Too much is at stake here for mistakes. A good way to move forward,or not?



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Germany’s New Year Was An Assault on Freedom

Hello there

Germany may think it is being kicked in the teeth for its kindness, but wherever European and Middle Eastern cultures clash, it is women who are abused. Young British men who get drunk, generally abuse property as they are largely brought up to respect women.

Germany has imported a host of young men, away from loving families for the first time, with no social position or status. So they revert to the behaviour they know best: abuse of women. Without a second thought, they beat and sexually molest any woman on the street. In their countries around the Mediteranean, respectable women over the age of twelve are not allowed out alone on the street.

When will these migrants realise that Germany or indeed Europe is not the promised land where they can have everything for no payment? The reason that Germany is successful is their ability to allow everyone opportunity. I know that I am talking Utopia, but the freedom Western women have, to walk freely outside, at will, is hard-won.

Luckily for the rest of Europe, strong German women are rightly outraged and have taken a stand. What Germany failed to realise in their grand gesture of taking in almost a million people, is that they were introducing a disease, a conflict with their own culture. Women in the West have a worth beyond the home and wife-beating is punishable by law.

Another stroke of luck is that Germany is headed by a woman, Mrs. Angela Merkel. Her call for fast repatriation is a strong move. It is the worst punishment to befall any migrant. Imprisonment may be a joy: roof over the head, three meals a day, but it is still failure for the young man expected to support a family back home.

The Germans appear strong enough to mete out fast deportation. I dread to think what would be the result if it happened in Britain. The government would probably find some excuse for their conduct and the British will be obliged to absorb their anger and their problems.

Germany and Britain have made the mistake of thinking these people will obey our laws and respect our culture. There has been peace in Europe these fifty years, because we respect each other and that includes women.

Violence does not work. Women have to take a stand in every peaceful way that we can. If you feel goodness within your heart, wrap it around your love of your own family. Do one kindness for a stranger every day and we will all be happier.


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Respect: A New Year’s Resolution

Respect yourself and you will stand up straighter.

Respect your friends and you will know peace.

Respect your enemies and in a corner of their hearts will blossom respect for you.

Respect spreads or pools, depending on which path they take, which action they make.

Those who seek to dominate by weight of numbers, let them know that in this way they disrespect themselves and their children.

Children manufactured to a pattern grow up confused, as the world changes from moment to instant.

Let that child run free to learn respect. Let the parent or relative be teacher.

Human creation is a miracle present at every birth.

Evolution of animals has curiosity and respect.

Evolution of humans gathers denial and disrespect.

Without respect, humans have sameness: a recipe for self-destruction.

Consider evolution of fish into bipods on land.

Evolution from slurry to chemical waste disrespects rivers and turns fish, female or hybrid.

A rueful shrug never evolves. Man has no fear of increase in human females. Their outcry is, by tradition, stifled at birth.

What if human evolution turns us back into fish?

Create respect and stand up straighter.

Stand straighter and evolve.

Happy New Year

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