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Psychiatric help before war rather than afterwards


Refugees from both sides of a war are sent here and told to live in peace.  Their bloody experiences attack their minds.

Ask a Psychiatrist about the state of the young man’s mind when he carried out a lethal attack at the House of Parliament.

Are we making this too complicated? We see a man who arrived as a refugee, has tried two academic courses, but left the second one, Accountancy after failing the first year. What support, if any, did anyone give him? It looks like a life gone wrong.

Where did he get the money to do the courses? Where did he get the money to send home to an ailing mother? His sister seems to have called him daily, asking for money.

Everything got too much and his mind did not shatter. Regrettably, it focussed on going out with violence and cruelty.  Thanks to the police and to the barriers, outside the Houses of Parliament, he was thwarted, but only after going through a group of cyclists. Was that a spur of the moment idea? Were his eyes shut so that he did not have to take any responsibility?

Whatever the case, he committed treason against the State. His fate may be to go to prison, where he will be fed three meals a day and maybe the pressure of sending money to his family will stop. Regrettably, he may learn the tricks of the terrorism trade in prison and could end up a pawn in someone else’s war.  Obviously, there was no thought in his head about being repatriated.

He was always silent, according to people who knew him slightly. Maybe the inherent friendliness of other people kept him stable. One would feel sorry for him if he had not hurt people. This case needs to be settled to the satisfaction of the British people. Since much is unknown, we must leave it to the police to decide, but forget a lengthy nonsense through the courts. Repatriation is cheaper in the long run and may, in time, prove the most effective deterrent. Then, there will be money to set aside to help other refugees with mental health issues.

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Liberal Democrats’ Crazy To Legalise Cannabis

Hello Everyone

Liberal Democrats are by nature liberal. However that should be a long way from being crazy.

On 11 May 2017, Liberal Democrats UK announced a decision to legalise cannabis, although  its use unofficially, for relief of deep and chronic pain has been around for years.  Getting hold of it must be very difficult and how do you know how much to smoke? Doubtless, Liberal Democrat politicians think that creating official sources will mean purity of the drug.

All well and good but we risk missing the point. There have been studies into the long-term use of cannabis, which highlight damage to the brain.  Long-term use can cause the mind to be overwhelmed by a billion thoughts a day, like everyone else, but somehow they are in such profound depth or on too many subjects that the brain apparently gives up rationality.  I would argue that their thoughts are on a higher plane.

People with mental health issues from cannabis would be thrown onto the mercy of our Welfare State which would have to pay up and often for life; something which this government is keen to end. Oddly, mental health was in the news during the local elections, but has since disappeared.

If the Conservatives take this legalisation of cannabis onboard, they will heap unfortunate people onto disability benefits, because they cannot cope with life without help. Maybe this will not happen for ten years, but it is a scandal they and the Liberal Democrats can avoid by thinking it through.

It is irrelevant whether it is the drug’s fault or not.  Unfortunately the present government does not rule out the continued hacking away at welfare benefits, which is a meek way of saying that they will continue to do it.

May I respectfully that all political parties look before they leap?


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