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A Lidl Early This Christmas

Lidl is playing the long game on the assumption Britain may exit the European Union or Common Market as it used to be called. A common market suggest great trade discounts, as the manufacturers deal with such high quantities. When Britain is sidelined after exit, we will not have the choice or commercial muscle to negotiate advantageous trade agreements.

Lidl is trying its hardest to make the British become accustomed to its own range of products. Every supermarket knows that their own brands have a much bigger profit margin than selling branded products. This is because McVities, for example has spent millions over years, getting right the texture of biscuit, crunchiness, generous size and sometimes chocolate. However, supermarkets only have to copy and not with such quality ingredients either. This is cheaper and they make more money out of us.

My question is: does Lidl’s imported products, from Germany in this case, have to conform to EU standards or British standards? How much transfat is there in all of these Christmas goodies and does that conform to British standards?

Give you answers or opinions below, please.

Have a great week.

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