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Great opportunity to sweep out of Europe and keep the promise of the 2016 referendum.


Why are UK politicians being negative? We can leave Europe without a deal and immediately look elsewhere for markets. We want to trade with Europe, but it’s not necessary.

We already have deals thanks to the co-ordinating hand of Liam Fox. Bring him back into Cabinet to help with Brexit. Also Jeremy Hunt has previously said that he has contacts in Brussels. Please bring him back.

And those 20 MP’s? They were warned, but evidently disbelieved that they would be sacked. Boris Johnson had no choice but to do what he had promised. Better not have thorns in your side.

Somebody has to take the tough decisions and Tory MP’s chose Boris to do it. (Margaret Thatcher thought that her Cabinet could not punch through a wet newspaper and took decisions herself.)

Boris Johnson is trying to keep the shreds of our national dignity alive. Each time fuddie-duddies try to unbalance us, he keeps going in a positive way. Compare him, the People’s Friend, with Theresa May who never shook hands unless she could help it.

Onward Mr Johnson. There are more people than you think behind you. The snag is, of course, that you have to produce a document that celebrates political deals. I still believe that we should have them all over for a holiday, especially Guy Verhoefstadt, the real Angophile negotiator.

Best of good luck


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Today’s Gobbleydook with no substance and bullying


M. Juncker beamed like the Cheshire Cat and calmly stated that he would allow an extension to Brexit, beyond 29 March 2019, if Mrs May’s excuse for a deal was passed by Parliament. A joke?

This is only a few days since Theresa May brought back documents, promising that the EU would behave ‘reasonably’. What place, if any, does such bullying arise. M. Juncker must have misunderstood.

Dates were flung hither and thither: 11 April, 7 May, , 22 May, which means we would have to vote in an EU election; a spiffing kerfuffle.

Find Boris; we need his marvelous vocabulary. The French are terrified of him, which is a very good place to start. He will give the Interpreters a headache and win back some of our pride. Mrs May is in turmoil; she does not know what we want. She is in the same place as 999 days ago.

Unsurprisingly, the other 25 EU countries did not want to talk about extensions. They were flummoxed when Mrs May’s Brexit deal was flung out of Parliament. They had all signed it; what could the British find to fault? Er, well, as President Trump enlightened the world: it is a Remain Deal.


LIAM FOX AND HIS NEGOTIATING TEAMS ARE WINNING DEALS. Why has this not been announced in Parliament? Because the Prime Minister cannot laud anything.

WE HAVE ACCESS TO THE ECONOMIC AREA; this is all that we wanted. £30 bn of deals is half of our economy. Great, fantastic, front foot forward, onward!


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British people, especially MP’s, do not like being asked to be patriotic as they do that every day as second nature.

If you want people to be patriots, a leader must first be one themselves. Mrs May betrayed her own MP’s in a bid to reach voters. Evidently, she had no idea that constituency parties mainly hold their MP’s in high esteem.

She even tried to sell the work of the security forces that keep us safe. That is unpatriotic and not something within her power. What did the Queen say?

The Prime Minister lies to people without compunction in order to have her Brexit deal passed. Are we going to stop at three attempts? Have politicians no strategic vision to see that the public may erupt or more likely fall into a deep sleep of boredom. It would be almost impossible to make them interested in politics ever again.

MPs’ jobs could not be justified as in the public interest.

However, I do not think another Referendum is in the interests of this country and the money used up for it, would be better spent on paying out Universal Credit sooner. Why would Jeremy Corbyn not act like a Socialist?

Just a thought, if it was Labour putting this country through the wringer, what would the Conservatives be doing now?

We already have a deal that gives us access to the European Economic Area. Dr Liam Fox’s negotiating teams have been working very hard to secure deals. It is the political deal that may be voted on for a third time. Mrs May should leave now as she has no idea what to do with the extra time.

We can leave on 29 March with £30 bn worth of deals under our belt. For the rest, she should leave Parliament to sort the country out. They have their own private Member Bills and putting those into Parliament could make their discussions interesting again.

Time has moved on. Thank goodness for Speaker,  Mr Bercow who has saved Parliament from voting for the same Brexit deal that was rejected on 11 March. As he said:

“Parliament matters. .   a third deal, the same one. “

It is also bullying to present the same Bill again and make MP’s waver enough to back her deal.

Mr Bercow has saved us all and was praised for his ‘enormous good sense’ according to the Brexiteer, Bill Cash..

Leave the Attorney-General alone; lawyers will always express a moment of doubt so that they cannot be sued later.

Now, tragically, she has offered to fire Olly Robbins, he who has presented her to the letter, discarded by the wayside. Is there anyone else to be so disregarded, apart from Parliament of course.

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