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What has Mr Obama done, courtesy of Mr Cameron?

Hello Everyone

America should have taken the moral high ground and refused to get involved in our politics. However, Mr Obama had a direct appeal apparently, from
Mr. Cameron, who has just shown himself as ignorant of the British psyche as a foreigner.

The British are mavericks. We are fine and laidback and cheerful, until someone tries to tell us what to do. We do not take kindly to authority, which is probably the reason for a continuing democracy, such as it is. The moment Mr Obama dared to suggest it would be a good idea for Britain to stay in the EU, Mr Cameron shot himself in the foot. He seems obsessed with self-made men. Why should we be?

The great frustration that people in Britain have, is the lack of information. Scaremongering from Cabinet Ministers just annoys us. My own opinion has fluctuated. When I heard that exporters to Europe would lose out, my heart went out to those struggling companies. Then I heard that we could close our borders and only let in people who would benefit us, such as authentic Indian curry chefs. 🙂

The argument for needing low-paid foreigners to do arduous jobs falls down as countless indigenous British are turfed off welfare benefits and told to chase non-existent low-paid jobs. They have been taken by foreigners who are already here. Apparently you can take any Sainsbury’s nightshift and 90% of the employees are Poles. Now they work very hard for us, but they claim child benefit that can be paid back in their country at British rates. So it might be a net negative for us to employ them.

In or Out of the EU for Britain? What do you think? Please say where you come from. Your views are valuable; it may change my mind yet again.



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