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Divert Mr Trump Away from UK


It may be a thought to divert Mr Trump’s plane away from Heathrow and send him to Scotland. However, that would be to miss seeing the giant caricature balloon of himself.

Also, if he utters the word ‘football’, a word sacred to the English,, even if we eventually lost, he will whip up distaste from a whole nation.  When we react to a national event, we are just as passionate as Mr. Trump.

So he laid into Angela Merkel’s  German government today. She looked like she was trying not to laugh.  Mr Trump must have got the wrong end of the stick. She dismissed his remarks, but gently as you would to a child in a paddy.

Time to put up those screens. We won’t be talking Trump; we’ll be celebrating the English team who gave us a semi-final to watch. It is the first time in 28 years and it seems that there will be a possible runner-up match on Saturday. Let them win something beyond memories and our supporters in Russia will thank them.

Congratulations to England; we loved it, but we lost it. Let’s keep cheering for them until Sunday. Of course then will be the culmination of Wimbledon and the ultimate in channel-hopping.

Have an exciting weekend.







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Germany’s New Year Was An Assault on Freedom

Hello there

Germany may think it is being kicked in the teeth for its kindness, but wherever European and Middle Eastern cultures clash, it is women who are abused. Young British men who get drunk, generally abuse property as they are largely brought up to respect women.

Germany has imported a host of young men, away from loving families for the first time, with no social position or status. So they revert to the behaviour they know best: abuse of women. Without a second thought, they beat and sexually molest any woman on the street. In their countries around the Mediteranean, respectable women over the age of twelve are not allowed out alone on the street.

When will these migrants realise that Germany or indeed Europe is not the promised land where they can have everything for no payment? The reason that Germany is successful is their ability to allow everyone opportunity. I know that I am talking Utopia, but the freedom Western women have, to walk freely outside, at will, is hard-won.

Luckily for the rest of Europe, strong German women are rightly outraged and have taken a stand. What Germany failed to realise in their grand gesture of taking in almost a million people, is that they were introducing a disease, a conflict with their own culture. Women in the West have a worth beyond the home and wife-beating is punishable by law.

Another stroke of luck is that Germany is headed by a woman, Mrs. Angela Merkel. Her call for fast repatriation is a strong move. It is the worst punishment to befall any migrant. Imprisonment may be a joy: roof over the head, three meals a day, but it is still failure for the young man expected to support a family back home.

The Germans appear strong enough to mete out fast deportation. I dread to think what would be the result if it happened in Britain. The government would probably find some excuse for their conduct and the British will be obliged to absorb their anger and their problems.

Germany and Britain have made the mistake of thinking these people will obey our laws and respect our culture. There has been peace in Europe these fifty years, because we respect each other and that includes women.

Violence does not work. Women have to take a stand in every peaceful way that we can. If you feel goodness within your heart, wrap it around your love of your own family. Do one kindness for a stranger every day and we will all be happier.


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A Lidl Early This Christmas

Lidl is playing the long game on the assumption Britain may exit the European Union or Common Market as it used to be called. A common market suggest great trade discounts, as the manufacturers deal with such high quantities. When Britain is sidelined after exit, we will not have the choice or commercial muscle to negotiate advantageous trade agreements.

Lidl is trying its hardest to make the British become accustomed to its own range of products. Every supermarket knows that their own brands have a much bigger profit margin than selling branded products. This is because McVities, for example has spent millions over years, getting right the texture of biscuit, crunchiness, generous size and sometimes chocolate. However, supermarkets only have to copy and not with such quality ingredients either. This is cheaper and they make more money out of us.

My question is: does Lidl’s imported products, from Germany in this case, have to conform to EU standards or British standards? How much transfat is there in all of these Christmas goodies and does that conform to British standards?

Give you answers or opinions below, please.

Have a great week.

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