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Whatever Next?

“We should understand the way fascism arose in Germany and the circumstances that gave space for the Nazis to grow.”

On 26 January 2018, Mr Corbyn wrote that in the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Memorial Day Book, remembered in the UK as a promise never to allow such evil against Jewish people ever again. He was at best disingenuous.  Has he already forgotten his attempt to build a student army, after promising to pay their current University charges?

Now he is being condemned for not mentioning Jewish people’s suffering in the Memorial Book. The Jewish Leadership Council said it demonstrated “a complete lack of sensitivity”. * It is also an exact description of Mr Corbyn and he appears to be using it, at every opportunity, to draw attention to himself.

Apart from Mr Corbyn, this government has just signed a treaty with Poland. What for? Is Russia going to invade? The Russian Ambassador to the UK was bordering on insulting when he laughed off the idea.

As intelligent people, we will not repeat history.  It sounds like dangerous posturing by some part of the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) to stockpile weapons. If it is Procurement, replace them.  May I suggest that the new Defence Secretary compiles his own ideas, rather than parroting the views of Generals who are happy to go to war with anyone and spend our NHS millions on bombs.

And yesterday’s ‘The Daily Telegraph’ trumpets that Russia has attempted to infiltrate our infrastructure to find out how it works and then destroy it.  Do wake up.  This is the unpleasant facet of all major nations. Ultimately, they want to rule the world, so they start with this small country, which is ready to fight, even in the desert, to uphold its, what exactly?  Freedom? What freedom do we have when we allow the EU to steamroller us?

However, we could have a little joke with them.  They are rightly terrified of Boris. He may say something so complicated that EU translators will be tearing their hair out!  Put him in the UK Brexit team and he will force the Europeans to respect us.

Why did we help destroy Syria, a 3000-year-old trade route? Former Prime Minister, David Cameron had a paradigm shift of an idea, when he suggested that instead of invading countries outside Europe, we should use our skills to put them on a sound economical and cultural level.    Interesting culture means tourists will visit.

His idea could have worked, but sadly, he staked his leadership on remaining in Europe and the British people voted to leave, on immigration and not having EU control over our laws any more.  Not that we do have any control.  A little whisper said on a News programme, before Christmas 2017, that MP’s were sitting late into the night to put EU laws into UK justice.  Excuse me? I understood that UK MP’s were sitting late with a view to amending laws and not instating them left, right and centre.  This small island has the best skilled workers in the world and people come here to live, as they like us.  I hope that Lloyd Blankfein likes sausage.


*Birmingham Mail, UK,

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Manage Your Family At Christmas

Happy Christmas Everyone,

Your family thinks that they know you and how you generally behave. Call it expectation. A difference in your conduct, as a result of stress or someone being mean, changes your behaviour. Everyone else has to work around this new happening and that is when there is an upset. They cannot cope.

For families who live together from baby to grand-parent, stresses sometimes culminate at Christmas. Many British families often come together at Christmas and other events.

Be true to yourself but stand up for yourself if the other person is in the wrong. Smile.

‘If you can hold you head up high,
Whilst all around are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
You will be a man, my son’ (or daughter. Rudyard Kipling did not live in enlightened times.)

Here is a fervent hope that your Christmas is happy.


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A Lidl Early This Christmas

Lidl is playing the long game on the assumption Britain may exit the European Union or Common Market as it used to be called. A common market suggest great trade discounts, as the manufacturers deal with such high quantities. When Britain is sidelined after exit, we will not have the choice or commercial muscle to negotiate advantageous trade agreements.

Lidl is trying its hardest to make the British become accustomed to its own range of products. Every supermarket knows that their own brands have a much bigger profit margin than selling branded products. This is because McVities, for example has spent millions over years, getting right the texture of biscuit, crunchiness, generous size and sometimes chocolate. However, supermarkets only have to copy and not with such quality ingredients either. This is cheaper and they make more money out of us.

My question is: does Lidl’s imported products, from Germany in this case, have to conform to EU standards or British standards? How much transfat is there in all of these Christmas goodies and does that conform to British standards?

Give you answers or opinions below, please.

Have a great week.

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