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Quietly, quietly, tiptoe and the stupid public won’t realize.


There is another funnel down which millions are rapidly disappearing, but don’t say nothing. Well, just a whisper.

Construction should be allowed to go back to work, announces the government. So TV shows men in hard hats, trying to stay apart while reading a site plan. They stand impressively halfway up a new building. It could be anywhere. But no mention of something we never could afford and never needed. It is so ridiculous that someone actually said it could be electrified. The French had electric trains 30 years ago. Please say it is a 21st century railtrack.

Yes, HS2. Out of date before it is built. Better to do the northern part, to link northern cities, like Boris promised. Besides, by the time it is finished in the northern part of our beautiful country, say 2030, London will be partly underwater. That would be a major engineering challenge.

Hello, please stop this nonsense immediately. We have to contain the virus and save people and that takes precedent over everything else. So there’s lobbying and in some places there would be backhanders, but the British would never do that. So why hasn’t it stopped?

Every charity under the sun is advertising emergency Coronavirus appeals, but the British government wants a railway. I know we’re odd, eccentric, yet lovable. This is not love of country. I call it the scar, as that is what it will carve through middle England’s lush vales. City businessmen and women want to have relaxing weekends in the country, lockdown allowing.

Boris, we need an explanation.

Stay safe, keep well


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Spending, What Spending?

Time is awaiting for the British government to realise it has accidentally eliminated spending power. Utility and petrol bills have been rising above inflation. Baby boomers, widely forecast to spend their life savings when given access to pension pots, seem to be spending it overseas. Oh dear, what have I said? The next move will be to limit spending abroad.

Sterling is already sputtering, but worse, millionaires are deserting us for less specifically taxed climes. The tax on second homes will mean the decision about which country to send one’s children to university, is no longer a foregone conclusion. The £30,000 tax on foreign employees already means that young financial whizzes can be more profitably taught in non-English financial centres. The British government, namely Mr Osborne and conspirators, should not meddle in industries they cannot fathom.

Welfare benefits have been so much cut, especially amongst the deserving disabled, that they are no longer spending beyond necessities, if that.

I suggest Mr Osborne fills his £4 billion spending hole by not building the HS1 railway, which in an 19th century way, uses track and wheels. At least investigate the Japanese bullet trains and maybe boost their economy at the same time. As of 1992, they take 23,000 people per hour in either direction, whilst HS1 may manage 23. Some legacy that white elephant will be.


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