John Prescott dealt better than Nigel Farrage

Can you remember what Labour MP, Johh Prescott,did, {a man who made his way up the hard way} when pelted by a tomato? He swivelled and punched the thrower right in the face. There was no pause, just an instinctive reaction. And we laughed and laughed. Just what the tomato thrower deserved.
Fifteen years or so later, Nigel Farage was beaten by a milkshake. But he had no response. He did, inadvertently, give massive exposure to the milkshake as first reports thought it was necessary to know it was by Five Guys, a banana, salted caramel shake. The utter absurdity of it! I fell about laughing, yet the irony of it stands that he could not mention Nigel Farrage for some whimsical reason that would escalate into a war of words.

Onto Brexit, still stuck in our teeth. Madam May has thrown a choice of referendum into the ring. However, there are so many other parts in it that it could not be translated into law in a month of Sundays.
Neither did the 1922 Committee move us forward. There is no date of departure and all of these extra features appear to depend on her getting the same deal through.

MP’s just have to keep their nerve. It is the same deal as you voted down so massively the first time. In the meantime, she has managed to insult the DUP, on whose votes she usually depends.

We are grownups in a major country in the EU. We can leave and create our own Customs Union, which, yes, will have some of the EU’s ways of doing things, but it is up to us to create a part that will suit ourselves. And we can cut the red tape. And we can be free of the farrago of nonsense that makes the EU Assembly move between Brussels and Strasbourg every three weeks. The cost beggars belief.. Let them know that they will not beggar us.

And how can it even be thought of a serving Prime Minister, as repetition of a vote over the same deal which would be bad for the country, but which she cannot admit defeat, one has to ask whether Brexit may move on without her, or will some other plea be made? She is making us all look like fools, but worse the EU is getting fed up with our philanderings..

Come on, let’s set Boris onto M> Barnier and storm through Brexit. Boris is also famous for walking away from a meeting, saying that he was not going to answer the same questions a third time. What joy! No wonder the EU politicians are scared of him.

We are not having a second Referendum or a People’s Vote, because if we do, we shall be the fools of Europe and they will wipe the floor with us.. Plus the fact the people have no clue what iBrexit is about. There has to be clear direction. Can the Queen intervene  as democracy is failing?

PS If the vote on the political aspect of Brexit is put to MP’s before 29 June, I shall eat my hat.


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UK Advertisers Get It Wrong Big-time

What did we have first? Oh yes, the Dacia ‘Duster’ and we rolled around laughing as a duster in English is a cleaning cloth.

Then we had the Grandland X, patently created by people who had never had babies. The first unwritten rule, read commonsense, is to take a woman in labour to hospital as fast as possible. However, not in the Grandland X as the driver refuses to exceed 30 mph. To add insult to injury, the driver is a woman.

And Cow & Gate, the baby milk manufacturer cannot make proper adverts. We see a young woman, nepotism here? She is rocking a baby whilst giving it a bottle. Hello? Any parent will tell you that that will give the baby wind. That is, the baby is swallowing air and milk, which gets stuck in its stomach. Poor little thing. And surely that should have been picked up before screening.

Could you please use real people with real experiences instead of leaving it to the beginners?

All of these doubtless expensive advertisements have the opposite effect..

And Robinsons, who should know better, used a child to cheek a High Court Judge. Our society depends on the law. Show it in a good light. please.

Negativity is sad.


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Mrs May reverts to dictatorship as the only way forward post local elections 2 May 2019


It is official; Mrs May is in fairyland. She actually mentioned that the Conservatives were expecting losses and that Brexit was blamed. She conveniently forgot that the lack of departure from the EU is her fault. And please do not try to blame Parliament for no Brexit either.

She has now gone too far. She has overridden the NSC (National Security Council) and various national security agencies and has allowed Huawei to have some contact with its 5G system. Firstly, it could be the thin end of the wedge. Secondly Huawei’s Chief Executive in the USA is being held in prison. The merest courtesy to Mr Trump would be to listen to him. I do not think that the Chinese government takes much interest in its capitalist companies.. However;, Mr Trump is blunt and if there was no interest before, there probably is now. But Mrs May is not allowed to overrule everyone; it must be against the law. And for that reason, she must be arrested.

Secondly, she appears to have bullied a 93-year-old woman: our Queen. Apparently the State Opening of Parliament, usually held in May, must wait for the completion of Brexit. It sounds awfully like bullying and it is despicable that Mrs May is overruling our Monarch.

The Conservatives lost 1269 seats! When Margaret Thatcher started using the royal “we”, she had to go. It was very sad as she had a fantastic innings. There is no comparison between them, but overruling our security agencies is a treasonable offence. Mrs May is acting like a Dictator.

The Fixed Term Act of 2011 ended the Queen’s right to dissolve Parliament. Now it needs 2/3 of the House of Parliamen to vote. For me, it is no Brexit or dissolving Parliament.

Thousands of ballot papers were defaced and thereby invalidated.  The British public is sick of Brexit. Is anyone listening?


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Of course the French celebrate Easter


We all need a break over Easter. The public is sick to the back teeth. Let us leave the EU immediately and draw the vestiges of our dignity around us. LEAVE. You just have to say it. What happened to 12 April? We don’t need any more time.

We don’t need time; we need rest.

Let the MP’s go to their second homes in their constituencies and let their husbands/wives shield them from Whips. The Constituency Association in the constituencies need also to protect MP’s from activists, from the media and get some rest.

it is much better to rest than to keep working flat-out. They will be ready to talk again next Tuesday 23 April.

How daft of M. Barnier to suggest that the French do not celebrate Pacques. Of course they do!

And for everyone else on the negotiating teams, find a darkened room and close your eyes.empty your mind of all thought. This takes practice, yet pretend that you have nothing to do for the next few days and go outside and enjoy the forecasted sunshine.

Happy Easter everyone.


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Cobblers, Gobbleydook, Nonsesne

Cobblers to BJohnson to suddenly backing the deal if the PM resogms. His ambition is too plain to see. The same to Savid Javid. Gobbleydook to Mrs May for her resignation terms.

This Brexit deal of hers will taint our economy and politics for generations to come, mainly because the terms negotiated, consisted of May asking what the EU wanted and then giving it to them. Even some aides said it was given too willingly.

If we enter into the same Customs Union as the other 27 members, we are sunk.

It is not about her deal, it is about our democracy.

Please Mr Bercow, sink her for MP’s are being berated, but remember it is a secret ballot and Mrs May and cronies should never see them. Give them to Mr Bercow, who can have them put on disc and put into a bank vault.

We’re sunk aren’t we? She gives out honours and possible distinctions like Smarties.
What a shame, our country’s down the drain and we shall not, be the same, ever again.


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Let us leave

I am grateful that a group of senior Conservative MP’s has been formulating plans for Brexit.

Please allow us to keep the vestiges of honour and pride that we have and leave Brexit on 29 March.

Voting for Mrs May’s deal, which has twice been rejected by large margins, would be a violation of our democracy.

What has happened to silence John Bercow, who wanted to stop the Conservatives bullying their own MP’s?

Asking the country again in another Referendum would be to play into the hands of another Parliamentary party, Labour and a leader who dallies with people who hate us, for unspecified reasons. They came here and now they want to thwart our parliamentary democracy.

Asking for another Referendum is to violate the first result.

it is the first time in 27 years that we face a constitutional crisis. We bounced out of the ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism) in 1992. We kept our money, were rescued by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and did not fall apart, much to the EU’s chagrin.

We have been a major contributor to the EU’s funds. We have received subsidies in return, but we have not had a choice in receiving agricultural products. The berries are sour; the oranges are sweet. Break one deal; continue with the sweet one.

Let’s get quality back into our lives.

Let’s not pay for the move of the entire European Parliament every three weeks between Strasbourg and Brussels. What a waste of money!

Ask our young people to create a technological border between North and South Ireland. They will do it in a trice. This hard border rubbish should not put our deal at risk.

Let’s go; we’ve had enough of M. Barnier and co., with their deals that don’t suit us and let’s have our MP’s work harder than they ever have since entering office. We do pay you and that figure is raised every time there is a change of government.

We need you to hold your courage and your nerve and to keep us free of an unconstitutional deal. Keep us free.


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Today’s Gobbleydook with no substance and bullying


M. Juncker beamed like the Cheshire Cat and calmly stated that he would allow an extension to Brexit, beyond 29 March 2019, if Mrs May’s excuse for a deal was passed by Parliament. A joke?

This is only a few days since Theresa May brought back documents, promising that the EU would behave ‘reasonably’. What place, if any, does such bullying arise. M. Juncker must have misunderstood.

Dates were flung hither and thither: 11 April, 7 May, , 22 May, which means we would have to vote in an EU election; a spiffing kerfuffle.

Find Boris; we need his marvelous vocabulary. The French are terrified of him, which is a very good place to start. He will give the Interpreters a headache and win back some of our pride. Mrs May is in turmoil; she does not know what we want. She is in the same place as 999 days ago.

Unsurprisingly, the other 25 EU countries did not want to talk about extensions. They were flummoxed when Mrs May’s Brexit deal was flung out of Parliament. They had all signed it; what could the British find to fault? Er, well, as President Trump enlightened the world: it is a Remain Deal.


LIAM FOX AND HIS NEGOTIATING TEAMS ARE WINNING DEALS. Why has this not been announced in Parliament? Because the Prime Minister cannot laud anything.

WE HAVE ACCESS TO THE ECONOMIC AREA; this is all that we wanted. £30 bn of deals is half of our economy. Great, fantastic, front foot forward, onward!


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