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Sending up rockets may save the planet in September


So North Korea wants to test its missiles. May I suggest that they work with every other country that has nuclear warheads to head off an asteroid heading for Earth this September. It is the size of a playing field. I remember someone making that exact comment when describing a crater 1.5 km in diameter that struck America. It may have been the one that killed off the dinosaurs as dust and rocks filled the air.

We have to do something. We cannot rely on our dense air, it is too big and travelling too fast.

Should it be split into smaller pieces or will that create similar catastrophic events in several craters?
My first thought is a certain number of rockets fired to meet a certain point on the asteroid to deflect it. Mathematicians and scientists can work it all out. We could co -ordinate as we are unafraid of someone taking our technology as we are willing to share in the name of saving our planet.

Whatever, all countries need to meet and soon if we are to deflect it.


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Save Our Souls


I felt a great weariness lift from my shoulders when Mrs May resigned. At last we have a chance to deliver Brexit. Now someone is regrettably flattering Uncle Tom Cobley and all to stand as Prime Minister {10 so far}. It is obvious that this will split the vote and stop the best person from winning. That is the first attack on democracy.

Stop thinking your voters are stupid. And if he who has experience of three government departments, (Michael Gove), let him list his successes. That goes for the rest of them too. Is there a whisper of Nick Clegg coming back; I thought he was working for Facebook?

In the European elections, Conservative and Labour did badly, barely worth mentioning as everyone knew that that would happen. The Brexit Party took 30% of the vote and its leader Mr Farage, is now demanding a seat at the negotiating table. Fair enough. He also promised Brexit MEP’s with experience of business. Music to my ears; they live in the real world.

Why has Mrs May been allowed to go to Brussels as our Prime Minister?  I do not think she was just saying goodbye. What has she saying to C-J Juncker and mob?  It was so predictable that any country’s leader was going to stick a pin in us, whilst saying they will not accept a reworking of our Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. Great, neither do we, nor does our Houses of Parliament. The EU has not been listening and has walked straight into an accidental trap.   Let’s leave Europe to stew.

We can leave Europe on WTO terms if that is suits us. WTO has been at our side since Brexit was first mooted. Thank you. We are still friends with the Commonwealth countries and we will no longer have to accept quotas or add to food mountains.

Mrs May had to go, but not until 7 June, Why is she still dictating terms?. Back from Brussels, she tarnishes her lamp with as many laws onto the Statute Book as possible. Apparently they went on the back burner for 3 years whilst she did nothing for 2 years then gave us away in the third.

 With any luck we shall get an 11th hour tweet from Donald Trump asking who is Prime Minister? Oh dear, he will probably decide, thinking he is being helpful.

 We used to send especially strengthened high-quality steel to North America for them to create products, like aircraft wings. However, steel tariffs are decimating our business. Where will they get the good steel from?

And finally, this evening, we see evidence of people who have been in power so long that they have forgotten who they serve: the country and our democracy. To bring a ridiculous Summons to a long-serving, passionate and committed MP, is its second airing at least. This time they have involved Westminster Court no less.  It is incredible that they do not understand what they are doing. It is a transparent attack on our democracy from persons unknown. It is also true that democracies are being tested globally.

Boris Johnson is just the hapless head on which the legal mind has fallen. It is natural for MP’s to champion causes and our NHS is a valid one. £x pounds sterling; who cares? The point is we must save our NHS from the red tape of Brussels and from Frenchwomen filling our Maternity wards, as they do not dare give birth in a French hospital. Besides it’s almost free. Not for much longer!

If you question a policy written on a bus, that was created by Joe Bloggs, you cannot then blame one of our more popular politicians from running with it. Yes, it formed one of the tenets of the 2016 Referendum, because most politicians could not make themselves understood.

You cannot say after the fact that the question should not have been made. It is done. You don’t need a legal mind for that.

The 2016 Referendum had two bases for the general public: immigration and NHS payments to Brussels. If you even question one, the Referendum’s result is suddenly on shaky ground. What worries me is that these people seem to be shaking democracy deliberately. Usually it happens when people in power have been flattered, be they lawyers or politicians. It is not just here in the UK, but globally, democracies are being tested. Why?

 And ultimately, you should not have gone after Boris Johnston, on the cusp of an Election to be Prime Minister, for he is a man heralded as the People’s choice among activists and in the constituencies.

For all politicians, you have an opportunity to be the greatest MP that you can be. We need you to step up and work out Brexit for us.

Thank you


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UK Advertisers Get It Wrong Big-time

What did we have first? Oh yes, the Dacia ‘Duster’ and we rolled around laughing as a duster in English is a cleaning cloth.

Then we had the Grandland X, patently created by people who had never had babies. The first unwritten rule, read commonsense, is to take a woman in labour to hospital as fast as possible. However, not in the Grandland X as the driver refuses to exceed 30 mph. To add insult to injury, the driver is a woman.

And Cow & Gate, the baby milk manufacturer cannot make proper adverts. We see a young woman, nepotism here? She is rocking a baby whilst giving it a bottle. Hello? Any parent will tell you that that will give the baby wind. That is, the baby is swallowing air and milk, which gets stuck in its stomach. Poor little thing. And surely that should have been picked up before screening.

Could you please use real people with real experiences instead of leaving it to the beginners?

All of these doubtless expensive advertisements have the opposite effect..

And Robinsons, who should know better, used a child to cheek a High Court Judge. Our society depends on the law. Show it in a good light. please.

Negativity is sad.


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Mrs May reverts to dictatorship as the only way forward post local elections 2 May 2019


It is official; Mrs May is in fairyland. She actually mentioned that the Conservatives were expecting losses and that Brexit was blamed. She conveniently forgot that the lack of departure from the EU is her fault. And please do not try to blame Parliament for no Brexit either.

She has now gone too far. She has overridden the NSC (National Security Council) and various national security agencies and has allowed Huawei to have some contact with its 5G system. Firstly, it could be the thin end of the wedge. Secondly Huawei’s Chief Executive in the USA is being held in prison. The merest courtesy to Mr Trump would be to listen to him. I do not think that the Chinese government takes much interest in its capitalist companies.. However;, Mr Trump is blunt and if there was no interest before, there probably is now. But Mrs May is not allowed to overrule everyone; it must be against the law. And for that reason, she must be arrested.

Secondly, she appears to have bullied a 93-year-old woman: our Queen. Apparently the State Opening of Parliament, usually held in May, must wait for the completion of Brexit. It sounds awfully like bullying and it is despicable that Mrs May is overruling our Monarch.

The Conservatives lost 1269 seats! When Margaret Thatcher started using the royal “we”, she had to go. It was very sad as she had a fantastic innings. There is no comparison between them, but overruling our security agencies is a treasonable offence. Mrs May is acting like a Dictator.

The Fixed Term Act of 2011 ended the Queen’s right to dissolve Parliament. Now it needs 2/3 of the House of Parliamen to vote. For me, it is no Brexit or dissolving Parliament.

Thousands of ballot papers were defaced and thereby invalidated.  The British public is sick of Brexit. Is anyone listening?


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Cobblers, Gobbleydook, Nonsesne

Cobblers to BJohnson to suddenly backing the deal if the PM resogms. His ambition is too plain to see. The same to Savid Javid. Gobbleydook to Mrs May for her resignation terms.

This Brexit deal of hers will taint our economy and politics for generations to come, mainly because the terms negotiated, consisted of May asking what the EU wanted and then giving it to them. Even some aides said it was given too willingly.

If we enter into the same Customs Union as the other 27 members, we are sunk.

It is not about her deal, it is about our democracy.

Please Mr Bercow, sink her for MP’s are being berated, but remember it is a secret ballot and Mrs May and cronies should never see them. Give them to Mr Bercow, who can have them put on disc and put into a bank vault.

We’re sunk aren’t we? She gives out honours and possible distinctions like Smarties.
What a shame, our country’s down the drain and we shall not, be the same, ever again.


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3rd time lucky?

Why are MP’s in Parliament voting over and over again on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal? What has changed?

She is talking to the DUP again, having already given them £2 bn since 2017. What have they spent it on? We should have been informed in stages. Even charities have to declare what they have done with donations from a government source.

How can it be patriotic or democratic for Northern Ireland to receive funds in kind, when the rest of the UK has to face cuts in Councils’ funding?

Mrs May’s promises tend to be ethereal and float away before anyone notices. She may promise to stand down in October, although sitting through a hostile Conservative Conference would be intolerable for her. She may use the opportunity to say that she has changed her mind about leaving and still has much work to do. Then what would we do?

Have MP’s, who see no change in her deal, been awarded anything from a knighthood to money for a cherished Bill of their own? How unpatriotic and undemocratic is that? We must block anyone who receives funds in kind and they should justify their votes to their local Constituency Party or stand down from their Seat at the next Election.

And what about the people? Most of us are sick to the back teeth at the mere mention of Brexit. Do we understand less than when we started? How can she justify voting 3 times on the same deal, but not a Referendum? It’s because she doesn’t want us to have a say. Parliament’s Politicians are enough for one deal, or three.

We are a very powerful member of the EU. If we leave on 29 March 2019 without a deal, who will look daft? 27 EU countries, while we look for the best deals for our economy. There is a whole world out there, WTO for starters, our Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth countries a close second.

How stupid we are looking in the EU countries. Mrs May blatantly does not care about the people. She is trying to cajole and threaten MP’s (never a good match). Does she want to be a laughing stock?

What about the migrants? We should be grateful to them. Most could go elsewhere, yet they choose to be here. Everyone already here should be allowed to stay unless they have committed a criminal offence. Stop uncertainty by celebrating our communities. Let’s not differentiate one person from another. We are all members of a community and we should be grateful to the Police and law for protecting us.

M. Macron wants to vilify us, but he has massive rioting problems at home. His citizens want more pay, to feed their families. President Trump has been beautifully silent while his government shutdown just meant that key workers had to toil without pay so that he could move money to his supposed wall in Mexico. And that was a lot of people without money for at least three months. Up to then he had done well, at least by lower-paid Americans.

Politicians across the world are mostly old. If you are under 30, they will all look old. Let Trump’s young computer hackers build for the common good and put a satellite to trace the Mexican border. Try for a muted response to people trying to enter illegally. They may be migrant workers on whom we all depend to pick fruit.

The point is to silently make the members of the EU look stupid rather than us. People in the UK deserve a better deal than the one they are currently getting. Politicians to vote on the same deal, in the third meaningful vote, for a third time? Who are you kidding? That is definitely taking the mickey.


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To all of the people who don’t read this blog …

Let’s all pick a favourite brand of food from fisheries, agriculture and industry to heavy plant equipment and send it here.
My favourite of the moment is Aytac’s walnuts from Turkey, fresh and delicious as stated on the packet.

Your turn. It’s just a bit of fun. We haven’t had that in a while.


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