Nose Dilators for the NHS, UK and globally


Can the UK, NHS consider using nose dilators? Can every hospital service consider them globally?

 They improve speed and quantity of airflow into the lungs of between 38% and 50%, depending on which one you buy. One brand is Rhinodeen, which also describes itself as a product against snoring. As nose dilators against Coronavirus, this is another use.

Stocks are waning, as being in lockdown may exacerbate the family snorer. Yet this idea could enable the manufacturer to sell in bulk, thus giving themselves another income stream, one that will hail them as heroes.

They are very soft and easy to apply. The product description says that they are much better than nose stripes, whatever those are.

Originally sourced to improve running and learning with it to get a peak improvement,  they could be used for people whose oxygen levels have not moved for a week, like a poor person on the TV this evening. if you can save one, you save a family.

If nose-dilators could help elderly, vulnerable people to breathe more easily and improve the airflow into their lungs, that might mean the difference between life and not. They would also work in a care home setting, to keep people well.

Keep safe, stay well


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