Repatriation of Thomas Cook’s customers will cost more than £250 m.


If the British Government coughs up £250 m, to have UK citizens repatriated, we need agreement between at least 3 parties: the hotels, the customers and our government.

Sums of £2000 have been quoted in order for customers to leave. This sounds like the hotel is trying to make up for future lost revenue, which is very unfair.

It would be reassuring if the British Embassy or Consulate in the countries concerned, could come to a financial resolution that is fair for UK customers. And what about other countries? Can they band together to get some financial resolution? A hotel that forces their customers to stay, by using security guards, must be breaking their own laws and local government should intervene to stop escalation.

A plea to people who are running out of medication. Please go to the nearest pharmacy. Drugs are global and pharmacists are much respected in other countries. Customers with medical conditions could be given priority and the hotel could allow distribution of prescription drugs. That is a priority.

If some people are receiving credits back to their credit cards, then that is good, but it is costing the UK taxpayer an awful lot of money. First, protect Thomas Cook’s pension fund, then pay off creditors and what is left should go to the repatriation costs of their customers globally. That’s the idealistic view, but Thomas Cook is not broke. Its creditors presumably outweigh its assets, which means it cannot trade. But the British government could find out where the money is. There will be some.

To the countries affected: bring back our people and your generosity will be welcomed by your future customers.

Good luck, Boris, but you might consider that £250 m is worth bringing holidaymakers back from holiday. I am sure that the other political parties will declare that they would pay it. In fact, wait for them to do it and then declare your intention.


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