UK Advertisers Get It Wrong Big-time

What did we have first? Oh yes, the Dacia ‘Duster’ and we rolled around laughing as a duster in English is a cleaning cloth.

Then we had the Grandland X, patently created by people who had never had babies. The first unwritten rule, read commonsense, is to take a woman in labour to hospital as fast as possible. However, not in the Grandland X as the driver refuses to exceed 30 mph. To add insult to injury, the driver is a woman.

And Cow & Gate, the baby milk manufacturer cannot make proper adverts. We see a young woman, nepotism here? She is rocking a baby whilst giving it a bottle. Hello? Any parent will tell you that that will give the baby wind. That is, the baby is swallowing air and milk, which gets stuck in its stomach. Poor little thing. And surely that should have been picked up before screening.

Could you please use real people with real experiences instead of leaving it to the beginners?

All of these doubtless expensive advertisements have the opposite effect..

And Robinsons, who should know better, used a child to cheek a High Court Judge. Our society depends on the law. Show it in a good light. please.

Negativity is sad.


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