Mrs May reverts to dictatorship as the only way forward post local elections 2 May 2019


It is official; Mrs May is in fairyland. She actually mentioned that the Conservatives were expecting losses and that Brexit was blamed. She conveniently forgot that the lack of departure from the EU is her fault. And please do not try to blame Parliament for no Brexit either.

She has now gone too far. She has overridden the NSC (National Security Council) and various national security agencies and has allowed Huawei to have some contact with its 5G system. Firstly, it could be the thin end of the wedge. Secondly Huawei’s Chief Executive in the USA is being held in prison. The merest courtesy to Mr Trump would be to listen to him. I do not think that the Chinese government takes much interest in its capitalist companies.. However;, Mr Trump is blunt and if there was no interest before, there probably is now. But Mrs May is not allowed to overrule everyone; it must be against the law. And for that reason, she must be arrested.

Secondly, she appears to have bullied a 93-year-old woman: our Queen. Apparently the State Opening of Parliament, usually held in May, must wait for the completion of Brexit. It sounds awfully like bullying and it is despicable that Mrs May is overruling our Monarch.

The Conservatives lost 1269 seats! When Margaret Thatcher started using the royal “we”, she had to go. It was very sad as she had a fantastic innings. There is no comparison between them, but overruling our security agencies is a treasonable offence. Mrs May is acting like a Dictator.

The Fixed Term Act of 2011 ended the Queen’s right to dissolve Parliament. Now it needs 2/3 of the House of Parliamen to vote. For me, it is no Brexit or dissolving Parliament.

Thousands of ballot papers were defaced and thereby invalidated.  The British public is sick of Brexit. Is anyone listening?


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