Cobblers, Gobbleydook, Nonsesne

Cobblers to BJohnson to suddenly backing the deal if the PM resogms. His ambition is too plain to see. The same to Savid Javid. Gobbleydook to Mrs May for her resignation terms.

This Brexit deal of hers will taint our economy and politics for generations to come, mainly because the terms negotiated, consisted of May asking what the EU wanted and then giving it to them. Even some aides said it was given too willingly.

If we enter into the same Customs Union as the other 27 members, we are sunk.

It is not about her deal, it is about our democracy.

Please Mr Bercow, sink her for MP’s are being berated, but remember it is a secret ballot and Mrs May and cronies should never see them. Give them to Mr Bercow, who can have them put on disc and put into a bank vault.

We’re sunk aren’t we? She gives out honours and possible distinctions like Smarties.
What a shame, our country’s down the drain and we shall not, be the same, ever again.


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