Today’s Gobbleydook with no substance and bullying


M. Juncker beamed like the Cheshire Cat and calmly stated that he would allow an extension to Brexit, beyond 29 March 2019, if Mrs May’s excuse for a deal was passed by Parliament. A joke?

This is only a few days since Theresa May brought back documents, promising that the EU would behave ‘reasonably’. What place, if any, does such bullying arise. M. Juncker must have misunderstood.

Dates were flung hither and thither: 11 April, 7 May, , 22 May, which means we would have to vote in an EU election; a spiffing kerfuffle.

Find Boris; we need his marvelous vocabulary. The French are terrified of him, which is a very good place to start. He will give the Interpreters a headache and win back some of our pride. Mrs May is in turmoil; she does not know what we want. She is in the same place as 999 days ago.

Unsurprisingly, the other 25 EU countries did not want to talk about extensions. They were flummoxed when Mrs May’s Brexit deal was flung out of Parliament. They had all signed it; what could the British find to fault? Er, well, as President Trump enlightened the world: it is a Remain Deal.


LIAM FOX AND HIS NEGOTIATING TEAMS ARE WINNING DEALS. Why has this not been announced in Parliament? Because the Prime Minister cannot laud anything.

WE HAVE ACCESS TO THE ECONOMIC AREA; this is all that we wanted. £30 bn of deals is half of our economy. Great, fantastic, front foot forward, onward!


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