Somebody had to call a Referendum

A Referendum has been called by Labour in an apparent sop to their activists. But it won’t work, however the question is posed.

Generally, you cannot have a Referendum two years after the first one; the rest of the western world will howl with laughter and derision.

It’s the public who has the problem. Information about Brexit has been sketchy ; just vote for Mrs May. She went to Europe, asking what did Europe want. We have already been sold down the river and no surprise that Parliament’s MP’s refused her jumbled and confused Brexit position further progress.

Mrs May then sent someone she could rely on to repeat her mantra: Olly Robbins. Both Messrs Barnier and Juncker dislike him. It must be nigh impossible to hold a sensible conversation with him.

Get someone else to do it – please..Mimicking a furry toy Meerkat shows someone is losing the plot. Kenneth Clarke? Listen to his experience? Not another referendum; we never voted on the same issues politicians were voting. Parliament becomes less credible and Mr Corby has foreign bedfellows, not for trade, but for politics. It is still weird how politicians fall for charm.

As usual, the British have to wait, but now is the time for action. Mrs May fibs; a once sackable offence, but she lies to the people and her MP’s.

When will we understand that she has no intention of asking for Article 50 to be extended for several years? It would be an admission of messing up the first attempt to leave. She won’t accept that as her legacy..

But this is a political agreement, longwinded and difficult to read as it is. So tell the Europeans that we need to start again. The Trade Agreement part of Brexit is not for politicians. The Japanese are the second country to be insulted, following Liam Fox’s approach when he clearly has no idea of their culture.



Thanks to Will Hunt, who works for The Observer and wrote an online article.

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