Young Conservatives and Brexit, like a knife through butter,


Thirty years ago, a group of us were invited to a rich man’s house, so select that there was no road name. that later had us rolling into the aisles. Undeterred, we arrived for political debate, to be confronted by a happy MP brandishing rubber gloves for the washing-up. Somehow the message between us had been lost.

Has the Conservative government asked the keenest, most technologically advanced people, who love being Young Conservatives to step up and help. This is the call they have been awaiting!  They will work out the Irish backstop and have it operational, hopefully, by the end of February. They may follow or adapt Calais’ post-Brexit strategy of a traffic-light system according to which transporters have the right papers, a doubt about their papers or no papers at all.

Young Conservatives are the government’s greatest, free resource and they are keen. What more do you want?

I suspect that Mrs May is afraid of our young people; a devastating reading. She wants utter control, which is presumably why she put the same, heartily disliked person, Olly Robbins, back in charge of Brexit talks, because he repeats what she wants. He would give nothing new to Brexit.

Young Conservatives: a young, clever resource that will cut through the chaff and win us through 29 March with political and social withdrawal and signing food trade agreements. Please tell me the Conservatives learnt their lesson. The trouble is that that particular MP had to resign political life after an expenses scandal. Plus ca change.

Lucy Lou

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