Mr Chris Grayling, an honourable man with integrity


I just read a tirade of the so-called errors that Chris Grayling has made during his time as Transport Secretary. But I see an honourable man, keen to negotiate with employers and to stand up for employees.  If you look at the tirade, you glimpse jealousy, certainly from the Labour Party.

Now someone is blaming him for a lack of vision. What? He had the strategic vision, rarely seen in politicians of any hue, to give a contract to a company, Seabourne Ferries, when they did not have a ship. Well, a ship is a buying decision by a group of people who believe that they can provide a service.  And the terms and conditions; where do you think any entrepreneur finds their terms and conditions? From a successful start-up, of course. all companies were once start-ups and Chris Grayling gave this one a chance. It is not his fault that another company has backed out. Stop vilifying him; he should be given a medal!  With his integrity and honour; he would be a great Prime Minister.

There was one mistake, because everyone else who should have helped make the decision, hung him out to dry. It was up to him to decide about the timetables, which shows the train companies still do not understand about providing a service before they look at their profits. The rescheduling was a nightmare, but the fault is with the train companies, Is there no overseeing Board for train companies? One that would look after the customers’ best interests? Easy to call it a quango, yet they do much good behind the scenes, with one notable exception: OR. That’s for another day.


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