Is Plan B No Vote Brexit?

Is tonight the revelation of Plan B? That she never had the intention of allowing Parliament to vote? She has snubbed everyone, even those loyal, like Mr. Gove. Everyone has been sacrificed to force MP’s to vote for her deal without information. Will she wait until 28 March? Of course. She seems to be in contempt of them and of the parliamentary democracy we hold so dear. This is a very dangerous attack on democracy.

The Brexit looked set to be lost by a hundred votes, so Theresa May pulled the plug and refused to allow anybody to vote on it. There were 164 MP’s who were ready to speak. How disappointing for them. We are beyond saying that it was discourteous, as here is someone who obeys only her own rules. She actually thinks that loss of sterling, borders and rule by the ECJ is something we want when that is a Remain deal. Mrs May says the opposite is true. Which is it?

If there are not the requisite letters to support a non-confidence vote in the PM by noon tomorrow, I shall eat my hat. MP’s have a lot of pride which is a valuable asset, so they hate most anyone making a fool of them.

We need her to leave her job so we can talk Brexit in Parliament and take everything back to basics.

The EU will howl;they thought they had won our complete humiliation for having the audacity to want to leave their EU Club. But we have time, some saying 2020 to negotiate a proper Brexit deal.

No-one mentions what will happen to EU companies when suddenly the UK stops trading with them. We hold many aces in all fields. Why aren’t we using them?

And the unrest here must be addressed. Look at the proud M. Macron, who has had to back down on 3 major demands of French strikers to restore order in the streets. We need policemen on the beat.



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