Sir Cliff Richard wins claim for financial and emotional harm by the BBC (of all people)


There is a fairly straight line from the person who concocted the idea of entering Sir Cliff Richard’s own home without sufficient cause.  The problem seems to have been that they did not have any evidence. Although there is a result, have the people in decision-making been brought to book?

One person in the policeforce had the idea to go into his home. Another, or the same, decided to leak it to the Press and make sure they were there at the early-morning raid. They were looking for evidence to back up whatever spurious claim they had.

What if the cameras recording the break-in saved Sir Cliff from a worse fate?  What if someone was going to plant false evidence? From the other decisions made up to the break-in, they were already on shaky moral ground.

Which Judge granted the warrant? These are the people who should be investigated.

His other lucky chance was that he was not at home, although watching someone going into your home must make you feel ill.

Sir Cliff has won his claim for lost earnings and emotional consequences, yet the BBC was dodging the bullets on its own TV channel. Unfortunately for the CEO, the buck eventually stops with him.

All of this said, 90% of our policeforce are dedicated to the public’s welfare. Britain’s finest, most of them.

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