Ban a few words and stay in power


If the Deputy Conservative Whip mentioned the word ‘resignation’, he was misled. It should be banned from the vocabulary as it tends to reverberate in the minds of troublemakers.

The other phrase is ‘General Election’. Nobody wants one, especially the voters.

Is it possible that the thought of Labour’s far-left views finding themselves at No. 10, may have already occurred to train operators? Tony Blair cancelled shareholders’ money when he nationalised the trains.

We are standing on an abyss, our toes curled over the edge.  Talk of no Brexit is daft and not what the majority of people voted for. Please put pride aside and invite in the CBI who can explain how business decisions are taken, i.e., talking to the experts involved and Consultancies like Deloitte and KPMG.  Money spent on them now will reap millions later and keep Mrs May where she is.


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