A Cabinet of Schoolboys

Each Cabinet member is vying for position, instead of looking at the wider picture.

We need free two-way Customs and free two-way trade between the UK and the EU. If it has to be costed, then we must remember that the EU sends trade to the UK. The problem has been that the negotiators are not being given leeway to settle the best deal.

Let no-one in the Cabinet bleat business experience. Let some of them resign. Shame on Mr Javid for joining the boys against Mrs May so fast after gaining his promotion.

If we need more routes from Dover, Folkestone, e.g., one for cars, one for other products. Let Chief Operating Officers of our largest companies into business negotiations. They should be able to see the bigger picture. What about the House of Lords? Vast experience that can be put to use in these negotiations.

Include Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland to have the peaceable routes across an invisible border, that they have had for 22 years.

The Cabinet is relatively inexperienced. If they cannot see beyond their own importance, they have to go.


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