Mrs May – Help With Coughing

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Theresa May has proved to be a strong leader,  as she let her Ministers share the burden of talking to the  public and the Conservative Conference.  I don’t remember Maggie Thatcher, the only other female Prime Minster, ever letting her male Cabinet perform.

However everyone needs help sometime and Mrs May’s coughing could be a hiccup or tripping over an emotional blockage in her throat.  I think that most public speakers experience this at some point in their careers.

Think me crazy, yet she could look at Chakras, which are energy centres in the body.  You improve your throat, or fifth chakra by doing some quick exercises.  It clears any old patterns and emotional blockages.  More importantly, it does work.   Carol Tuttle is a Master Practitioner, found here:

(This website popped up in my browser.  It is just a coincidence and is not intended to say that Mrs May is any particular type.)

I do wonder, however, why no-one in the hall thought to get her a drink.  Why was that so difficult?

I hope this helps everybody who has had a cough while speaking.


PS Let me add a late remark.  Theresa May naturally had access to a glass of water, yet once you have a cough, with laryngitis, it is difficult to stop.  A longtime friend dashed forward with a throat lozenge; what lovely gestures she has from old friends.


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