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If M. Jean- Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission has to stoop low as to suggest weakness of character on the part of David Davis, the chief Brexit negotiator, the insult may ping right back at him.  It also means that he can find no fault in Mr Davis’ job performance.  It is actually a back-handed compliment.

I suspect that the British are rightly being intransigent to procure the best deal.  The French would not understand intransigence as they see it every day when looking in the mirror.  Are Luxembourgers of the same mould?

It is just that David Davis has to keep going and leave soundbites to other people.  Retaliation is what they want.  In these situations, the British smile serenely and ignore the comments.  The opposition cannot figure out whether they are being insulted or not.

As of today, M. Juncker is seeking to combine two roles: his current position, with presidency of the EU.  For me, democracy needs transparent argument.  If there is no opposition to conflict with, it becomes a different society altogether. I thought it may be harsh comment.  However I have just asked Google and  this came up:

The European is ‘charged with defining the European Union’s (EU) overall political direction and priorities.’

Absolutely not; it will be 27 countries with 1 Head of State.  Brexit cannot come soon enough now, although I was like a reed in the wind at Referendum time.

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