All Carry Blood Plasma

We have suffered a tragedy this week. One of our public servants was shot and killed.  In Britain guns are not our culture.  MP’s and their teams are protected by democracy and the people.

The man who did it has been dismissed as one with a history of mental illness. Where is the truth in that?  This is a man violently disturbed by what he read.  Newspapers selling themselves should perhaps take note, but more importantly, the issue of mental wellbeing has shown it is impossible to keep people.

Mental health has been cut under the welfare benefits, but there are increasing numbers of people who have lost their Disability Living Allowance payments who have become desperately distressed. Mental unwellness will soar.

Also immigrants have been through severe physical and mental trauma by walking across the world to reach us. Can we deal with that whilst coping with our own people?

It is a terrible tragedy that they have taken someone who fought for the underdog, for what she passionately believed, was right. Now what?  Violence never thinks of consequence.

It is possible that we could do something to avert future tragedies. I am not saying that Jo Cox died of blood loss, but could everyone carry a sachet of their own blood, with their type stamped on it?  Maybe it would be phone-sized, but enough to help in an emergency such as this.  Of course there would have to be connectors and it would be a very sophisticated piece of equipment, but it would help people anywhere.

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