Unprotected Migrant Children

Some migrants to the EU have apparently sent their children on alone to find a better life than they have had. About a thousand children are in Detention Centres in the UK. But children need protection.

It concerns me that every ten years or so in the UK there is a scandal involving Children’s Homes and abuse of the children living there.
If all of these children without families could be fostered with parents on a one-to-one relationship, then they could happily survive. Crowding them in Children’s Homes is not the answer. I fear for them as wicked abusers can gain access to Children’s Homes and rob them of their childhoods. They must be better protected. It is our duty as adults to protect and teach children.

If UK Social Services cannot control what goes on in Children’s Homes at the moment, how can migrant children, who are alone, come to the UK?
If it is determined that they remain the UK, there must be a Care Plan for every child, with regular checks. However, I fear that this will not work. Television adverts for the NSPCC show that children are too frightened to speak. I am sorry to say it, but I think it would be better for them if they did not come to the UK at all. It is a terrible thing to think, let alone say, but those migrant mothers, in despair, sent them into the EU’s safekeeping.

Maybe Children’s Services across the EU could be involved with the education of these children, by exposing them to different countries as they grow up. I do not know, but I fear for them.


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