Naive and Simplistic

I have come crashing down to Earth today. My view is naive and simplistic. Something I believed in for ten years has become a damp squib, has become unimportant and I look for enlightenment in other ways.

It’s just that war in Syria that upsets me. Everyone, whatever side, is obliterating a country. It is like someone dropped a bowling ball in a puddle. All the people have sprayed out to other places, unwilling to take them. They want to come to Britain as some sort of Utopia, but we are figuring how to progress. Saudi Arabia is considering sending ground troops.

The British cannot afford to pay for the bombs. Will the Chancellor take millions of low-paid people off welfare benefits and then use the money to pay for more bombs?

Could we have some lateral thinking here? Could women be part of a diplomatic solution? Wided Bouchamaoui and three men of Tunisia won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015. They brought peace to their own country. Please let them help here.


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