Respect: A New Year’s Resolution

Respect yourself and you will stand up straighter.

Respect your friends and you will know peace.

Respect your enemies and in a corner of their hearts will blossom respect for you.

Respect spreads or pools, depending on which path they take, which action they make.

Those who seek to dominate by weight of numbers, let them know that in this way they disrespect themselves and their children.

Children manufactured to a pattern grow up confused, as the world changes from moment to instant.

Let that child run free to learn respect. Let the parent or relative be teacher.

Human creation is a miracle present at every birth.

Evolution of animals has curiosity and respect.

Evolution of humans gathers denial and disrespect.

Without respect, humans have sameness: a recipe for self-destruction.

Consider evolution of fish into bipods on land.

Evolution from slurry to chemical waste disrespects rivers and turns fish, female or hybrid.

A rueful shrug never evolves. Man has no fear of increase in human females. Their outcry is, by tradition, stifled at birth.

What if human evolution turns us back into fish?

Create respect and stand up straighter.

Stand straighter and evolve.

Happy New Year

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